Anzac Commemoration

The commemoration of the fallen is a time-honoured traditional of St Paul’s College. This is particularly meaningful because of the chapel memorial with the Pauline Roll of Honour that includes the names of John Mair who died in the South African War of 1899-1902, the 20 men who died in the First World War 1914-18, the 25 men who died in the Second World War 1939-45 and Ian Mathers who died in the Vietnam War 1962-72.

The College community gathers at 10 am on Anzac Day for a commemoration service and this year the College Chaplain, Revd Antony Weiss, is preaching about the sacrifices made in war with a focus on the first Australian officer killed in action in the First World War, Captain Brian Pockley, who was at St Paul’s 1909 to 1913. A link to his sermon can be found by clicking here

We will remember them – LEST WE FORGET

MUMMERS Presents …

… the very first performance in the Waddy Theatre.

Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer follows the chaos that ensues when a power outage strikes during a dinner party, plunging the characters into hilarious misunderstandings and farcical situations.

Join us for an rollercoaster evening as the actors and characters must deal with unexpected arrivals, unwelcome guests and of course, no electricity!

At the St Paul’s College new Waddy Performance Centre, by arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French, it promises to be entertaining, engaging and enthralling!

It is the ideal Mother’s Day gift, with Mumm Champagne from the ‘Mummers’ for mothers, served at the Centre’s new Lobby Bar, with other refreshments and snacks to provide a true collegiate theatrical experience!

By Arrangement with ORiGiN Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French, a Concord Theatricals Company


– Friday 17th May (7:30pm)

– Saturday 18th May (7:30pm)

– Sunday 19th May (4:00pm)

TICKETS ON SALE HERE Prices: Student $10 / Adult $20

200th Anniversary of the NSW Supreme Court

There are many links between St Paul’s College and the Supreme Court of NSW book-ended by the third Chief Justice, the founding chairman of the College Council Sir Alfred Stephen, and the Current and 18th Chief Justice, old Pauline and former College Council Vice-Chairman, Andrew Bell (pictured above).

17 May 2024 marks the bicentenary of the first sitting of the Supreme Court, a significant milestone for the law in Australia as this court is one of the oldest jurisdictions in the world. To commemorate there is a new exhibition gallery at the Banco Court level 13 of Sydney’s Law Courts building and a book celebrating the 200th anniversary, Constant Guardian: Changing Times – The Supreme Court of New South Wales 1824 – 2024. “It’s guarding the rule of law, with all that important phrase entails,” Chief Justice Bell says of the Supreme Court. For a recent news story CLICK HERE [The Supreme Court of NSW is turning 200. Here are some of its biggest moments – ABC News]

St Paul’s has a deep history of producing alumni who serve the greater good of society across all walks of life. Apart from many serving the law today Paulines who have served on the NSW Supreme Court are:

The Hon Robert Pring (1853–1922; in College 1870), justice 1902-22, and acting Chief Justice 1918-19.

The Hon Sir Philip Street, KCMG KStJ KC (1863–1938; in College 1881-83), justice 1907-33, 8th Chief Justice 1925-33, and Lieutenant-Governor of NSW 1930-38.

Richard Windeyer, KC (1868-1959; in College 1889-90), barrister, acting justice 1936-37.

The Hon Edward Stephen (1870–1939; in College 1890-91), justice 1929-39.

The Hon Sir Kenneth Street, KCMG KStJ QC (1890–1972; in College 1908-10), justice 1931-60, 10th Chief Justice 1950-60, and Lieutenant-Governor of NSW 1931-72.

The Hon Frank Stephen, QC (1901-71; in College 1920-25), NSW District Court Judge and Acting Supreme Court Judge 1953 and 56.

The Hon William Windeyer, AM RFD ED (b 1936; in College 1954-56), judge 1992-2008.

The Hon Henric Nicholas, QC (1941-2021; in College 1958-61, Fellow 1987-2006, Chairman of Council 2002-06), judge 2003-13.

The Hon Terence Cole, AO RFD KC (b. 1937; in College 1955-59), judge 1988-98.

The Hon Robertson Wright (SC) (b. 1955; in College 1978-85), judge 2013- , and first President of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The Hon Mark Leeming (SC) (b 1969; in College 1987-90), judge 2013- .

The Hon Andrew Bell (SC) (b. 1966; in College 1985-89, Fellow 2004-11), Chief Justice 2022- , Lieutenant-Governor of NSW 2022- .

Sports Up-date – April

Rowing Triumph. Exciting stuff for St Paul’s in early April during the Intercoll regatta at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith. The first event was the Rosebowl VIII with six crews and high expectations from their supporters. The St Paul’s crew took an early lead and their disciplined approach stretched their lead every minute of the race with a strong first place some 20 seconds ahead of St Andrew’s. This is a historic win for St Paul’s bringing in the first ever Rosebowl trophy.

In the Rawson Cup VIII again expectations were high and the usual rowing rivalry with St Andrew’s ensured a tense start. At the end St Paul’s crew was victorious beating St Andrew’s by a 14 second margin. This brings home the Rowing trophy for a fifth year in a row.

The ‘social’ event of the mixed VIII was going to be anyone’s at the start but right at the end St Paul’s crossed the line first giving the St Paul’s Rowing team a clean sweep of the 2024 regatta.

This results in two victory dinners for the one sport which is another first in the College’s history. A Rawson Cup Victory dinner was held in Week 7 and a Rosebowl Victory Dinner is planned for Semester 2.

Swimming 2nd and 5th. There are giants of the pool and there are great teams and the mix of these makes or breaks a competition like Intercol. On the night at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre Women’s won the Rosebowl, St Paul’s came in 5th out of the six colleges and St Andrew’s won the Rawson Cup followed by St Paul’s in 2nd. Special mention to our winners: James Kerr 400m Freestyle; Archie Taylor 100m Freestyle; Ben Varela 200m Freestyle; Zac Warden, Charlie Rutledge, Jack Bailey and Alex Ranson 4x50m Freestyle Relay (B).

Netball done and dusted in March, 5th. The St Paul’s Rosebowl campaign got off to a great start with our Netball Team giving strong performances in all their games. Here are the results:

Round 1 Wesley def. Paul’s 32 to 15; Round 2 St Andrew’s def Paul’s 69 to 25; Round 3 Paul’s def Women’s 44 to 35; Round 4 Paul’s def Sancta 44 to 29; Round 5 St John’s def Paul’s 50 to 41.

Cricket in February, 4th. The Rawson Cup is a time-honoured tradition at St Paul’s and has provided 120 years of quality competitive sports. The cricket season was dominated by some excellent players from St Andrew’s and St John’s and Wesley. The Wesley game was a nailbiter with them hitting the winning runs 8 or 9 down. The St Andrew’s game was a tough one without too many highlights. The St John’s game had Axle Bailey score 80 odd runs. The final scores were:

vs Wesley won 8/136, Paul’s all out 10/135 (Baffsky 30, Lynch 29, Matthews 24, Bouvier 11, Craig 11, Taylor 8, Rowsell 1, Robbinson 0, Bailey 0, Brownie 0); vs St. Andrew’s won 6/185, St Paul’s all out 181 (Bouvier 36, Robinson 35*, Lynch 25, Mathews 17, Baffsky 16 Robinson 15, Taylor 9, Rowsell 5, Cole 1, Bailey 0, Dimmock 0).; vs St. Johns won 8/280, St Paul’s all out 156 (Bailey 86, Lynch 27, Rowsell 7, Taylor 6, Mathews 4, Craig 3, Robinson 2, Bouvier 1, Cole 1, Girle 0*).

The tally. ROSEBOWL: St Andrew’s 23, Women’s 15, Wesley 15, St Paul’s 11, St Johns 6, Sancta 5. RAWSON CUP: St Andrew 13, St Paul’s 8, Wesley 4, St John’s 2.