College Governance

Established by statute in 1854 the original St Paul’s College Act created the College’s governing body which is its Council consisting of the Warden and Fellows.

The Saint Paul’s College Act 2018 No. 71 (NSW) modernised the governance of the College, including reducing the size and increasing the diversity of the College Council which today is the Warden and twelve Fellows. To read the Act click here.

The Act has provision for the Council to make By-Laws which are binding on the College community at any given time. These By-laws are regularly revised by the Council and the most recent can be found here.

College Handbook

A useful resource for all residents is the College Handbook. This contains a wealth of information about the College, its operations, procedures and who’s who.

The see the handbook click here where you will find a version that can be viewed on screen and downloaded to your computer. The Handbook is subject to change and a version control is recorded on the back cover.

St Paul’s College Handbook