Current and former students are referred to as a ‘Pauline’ [paw-lahyn] the same adjective used to describe a follower of Saint Paul the Apostle. Our alumni have a deep sense of belonging to their old college and we see many returning to College events, chapel services and giving support to current students.

The major contributions are through philanthropy, being guests at functions, delivering seminars and speeches at student events, participating in other aspects of College life through the performing arts and sports

The St Paul’s College Union conducts a number of activities for the enjoyment of it Life Members and current residents. These include ‘Victoriana!’, a music hall night that has been running for 58 seasons.

Reunions are a very important activity of the College. In 2023 the ‘3s’ will gather over the weekend of Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July for a ‘back to Paul’s’ festival of lunches and dinners.

Alumni Records. The College has a complete record of all those who entered the College during its history and became Paulines. It is a priority for the College to stay in touch with its living alumni and information is held about each one for that purpose. Paulines are encouraged to contact the Community Development Office to up-date their records upon change of address or to give the College current and recent news for publication.

Student Mentoring. A mentoring programme for current students involves volunteers from the alumni body to give advice and guidance on their professions. This is not a pre-employment programme but is a truly educational experience under the direction of the Senior Tutor.

Supporting the College. Alumni support the College in all its endeavours by providing a body of ex-residents, many of whom are also eligible to vote at the election of Fellows, who form the governing council of the College. Alumni learn about the activities of the College through the publication of “Boomalakka” the annual publication of The Pauline.

Recent Pauline obituaries
Notifications received about deaths of Paulines