At the heart of the College’s formal academic programme are the Tutorials. Tutorials are offered in over eighty of the most common 1st and 2nd year core units of study across most Faculties at the University of Sydney, together with some more generalist tutorials [To view the current Tutorial programme click here]. Tutorials provide invaluable opportunities for you to sort out problems and deepen your understanding of the subject in small groups of fellow students.

Tutors are senior members of College who have previously achieved a High Distinction in their subject. Organised by the Assistant Senior Tutor, the Tutorial programme at Paul’s is the largest and most comprehensive programme of its kind amongst the colleges on campus and, as any current student will tell you, one of the best reasons for wanting to come here.

Academic Support

Starting your university studies is exciting and provides a wonderful opportunity to explore areas of study you love, whether it be a general liberal course of study or something more vocational. However, the move from school to university can also be daunting, especially at such a large institution such as the University of Sydney where you are joining over 75,000 other students. One of the great benefits of living in College is that you are part of a much smaller, familiar community within the much larger and often impersonal University body.

As a member of an academic community, you are surrounded by fellow students with whom you can discuss your work and share your academic journey. Tutors are happy to make time available outside of tutorial times should you need extra help. The Senior Tutor oversees all students’ academic progress and is available to discuss your approach to study, including revision techniques, throughout your degree. The Senior Tutor works closely with the Chaplain to help students who encounter difficulties along the way. The Assistant Senior Tutor is also available as an academic role model and peer mentor throughout your degree.


Live With Us

Friendship and community are at the heart of the Paul’s experience. Paul’s is a place where you are welcomed, respected and recognised for who you are. The College has a strong commitment to providing the best all-round educational experience for our students. The benefits of sharing the learning experience with fellow students are significant to all students who walk through these doors.