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The Process


St Paul’s College Graduate House offers a streamlined application process for postgraduate women and men. As a community within the College open to anyone who already holds a university degree, St Paul’s College Graduate House is available to those studying at the University of Sydney and other local universities. Membership to Graduate House is offered on the basis of merit and potential.

Members of Graduate House are sought for their accomplishments, community-mindedness and energy. During the application process, all aspects of the applicant’s achievements are considered, including:

  • Academic merit
  • Character
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Community service
  • A demonstrated desire for deep involvement in the
  • Graduate House community
  • A calling to leadership in the individual’s career and society engagement

Applications for membership can be made through the St Paul’s College Student Portal.


The application process

Applicants to Graduate House will be contacted by the Registrar, who will organise an interview with candidates to meet with senior staff members. The applicant is also required to send references directly to the College by the referee.

The academic reference should be from a University lecturer/tutor or another academic mentor who is familiar with the application’s academic work.

The personal reference should come from someone who knows the applicant well and is able to provide an objective account – such as a senior colleague, employer or academic supervisor. The College looks to candid referrals in order to understand what makes the applicant distinctive.

References may be emailed to


Graduate House Scholarships

St Paul’s College Graduate House makes numerous scholarships available to prospective postgraduate students, assisting meritorious students to live and study within the postgraduate community.

Students applying for membership of Graduate House in advance of scholarship details are able to indicate if they would like to be considered for scholarships based on extra information which is provided at the time of application.



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