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    Domestic Admissions

    Residence in the College is offered on the basis of merit and potential.

    Applications for residence should be made online using the form below. The Registrar will contact applicants to organise an interview. Senior staff members will meet with you to discuss your application. Successful applicants are usually good all-rounders, with high academic achievement and promise, good character, excellent references, strong extracurricular involvement, a keen desire to be part of a cohesive and dynamic college community, and a real wish to do well and to contribute to society.

    Ability to manage your time is also important. There is much to do in College and at university, and demands on time can be a challenge.

    For all enquiries please contact the Registrar on +61 2 9550 7451 or email


    To apply for residency as a Study Abroad student, register your interest during the standard application process as an incoming Study Abroad student. We work closely with the University of Sydney to offer places to students participating in its Study Abroad programme.

    St Paul’s accepts applications from Study Abroad students up until the commencement of each semester. The application fee is waived for Study Abroad students entering for one or two semesters.

    International student admissions should be aware of their student visa requirements. Variations to your enrolment or changes to the length of your stay in Australia will affect your visa. Find out more via the University website.

    For all enquiries please contact the Registrar on +61 2 9550 7451 or email