Welcome to St Paul’s College!

St Paul’s College is an amazing community of intellectually curious and diversely talented individuals; which forms and shapes those who are part of it. Thousands of St Paul’s graduates agree that their time here were the best and most formative years of their lives.

As I have spent most of my adult life associated with collegiate communities both in Australia and Cambridge – and as an undergraduate at St Paul’s – I can personally attest to how enriching a place this College is.

Throughout this website, I hope you will get a sense of what we are all about and the kind of activities that makes being part of the St Paul’s community such a special experience.

This environment will accelerate your academic, social, creative and spiritual endeavours. Furthermore, you will have opportunities to serve and develop as a leader in ways that you will not find anywhere else.

It is a community where students from different faculties, faiths, backgrounds and worldviews share and shape one another in their thinking. All of this takes place in a convivial and enjoyable environment.

As you contribute, you benefit.

St Paul’s is far more than a place to stay while you are studying at University. It is a vibrant and life-enhancing community where students form deep and profound friendships as they learn together and from each other.

While a website can highlight and describe aspects of St Paul’s community life, there is no substitute for experiencing the campus and meeting people. Therefore, I invite you to contact us and arrange a tour of St Paul’s College.

I hope you will be inspired to take that next step and I look forward to welcoming you for a visit.

The Reverend Dr Ed Loane