St Paul’s College Union

The St Paul’s College Union was founded in 1892, on the joint initiative of resident members of the College and of former students

The Union’s Objectives

  • To unite the past and present members of the College
  • To support the College and its institutions by financial assistance, and otherwise to promote the interests of the College
  •  To endow scholarships and prizes at the College
  • To hold reunions, athletic contests, and other social functions


Who are we?

All resident students and staff of St Paul’s College are members of St Paul’s College Union. After leaving College former residents who pay a life membership fee are then admitted as Life Members of St Paul’s College Union.

The Life Membership fees are held in trust in the Life Membership Fund.

What do we do?

The Union supports the educational objectives of the College and gives strength to many aspects of ‘collegiality’ so critical to the success of any university residential college.

The comradeship of undergraduates will never breed the spirit of learning. It must include the older men. Woodrow Wilson, ‘The Spirit of Learning’ (Princeton University, 1909).

The Union conducts a number of activities for the enjoyment of Life Members and current residents.

Union Management

The Union is governed by an elected committee who manage the Union’s functions and finances under the 2020 Constitution. The management committee is elected annually and in 2023 is:

  • Patron: The Warden, Rev’d Dr Ed Loane
  • President: James Espie (90s)
  • Honorary Secretary: Simon Ford (70s)
  • Honorary Treasurer: David Roberston (00s)
  • Ordinary Committee Members:
    • 20s Mariska Ackerman, Mandy Scott,
    • 10s Ed Hoddle, Josh Wooller
    • 00s James Cowper
    • 90s Julian Brun
    • 80s Andrew White
    • 70s Peter Armitage
    • 60s James Bell
  • Graduate House Middle Prefect: Patrick Campbell
  • Students Club Executive: Simon Toscan, Dillon Fernando and Jack Holt

The non-voting Public Officer is Richard Morgan.


Victoriana! is a main annual event for students and alumni of the College which in 2023 will run its 59th season – the longest running musical production in Australia – on the nights of Thursday 28, Friday 29 and Saturday 30 September.

In 2020 the show was recorded under COVID-conditions in a studio and is available to watch by clicking here


Very importantly the Union encourages and helps with the organisation and hosting of Fresher Year Group 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 year reunions. Generally a year group convener picks the date and gets the message out to his cohort and these reunions take many different forms from black tie dining in the Hall to a relaxed afternoon at a local pub.

Other events

When appropriate, Life Members join the Resident Members of the College community for major events such as the Rawson Cup Rugby final, the Anzac Service and the Carol Service.

Student Mentoring

Mentoring of senior students is greatly enhanced with the support of alumni. The point of contact for those interested in being a mentor is Richard Morgan, Director of Community Engagement at the College.

If you can help there are seniors interested in career development within the law, government, environmental sciences, finance, accounting and consulting, IT and social media, and health sciences.


Alumni Records

The College has a complete record of all those who entered the College during its history and became Paulines. It is a priority for the College to stay in touch with its living alumni and information is held about each one for that purpose. Paulines are encouraged to contact the Director of Community Engagement, Richard Morgan, to up-date their records upon change of address or to give the College current and recent news for publication. 


College merchandise and Union crested goods are available for purchase from the College Office (t. 02 9550 7444). Stock includes:

  • College crested neckties (silk or polyester), crested silk bow ties and crested silk squares
  • Crested cuff links
  • There are also a limited number of the ‘harlequin’ footy jerseys
  • The College history Hearts and Minds (2017) by Pauline Prof Alan Atkinson is also available for purchase.


Supporting the College

The Union supports the College in all its endeavours by providing a formal body of ex-residents, many of whom are also eligible to vote at the election of Lay Fellows, who form the governing council of the College alongside Clerical Fellows.

The Union has been a binding force as well bringing together alumni and students for mutually beneficial pursuits that support the education provided at Paul’s through such activities as tutorial support, inspiring speakers for formal dinner, and supporting student needs through direct requests from the Student Club Committee.

Members' AGM

All Resident Members and Life Members are welcome to attend the Annual General Meetings held at College. During the AGM reports are presented and the executive and committee is elected for the ensuing year.

In 2023 the AGM was held on 18 April with an election to the management committee. The election results can be found here.