Why Us?

St Paul’s College is an Anglican residential college of and within the University of Sydney. Founded by Act of Parliament in 1856, it is the oldest college of its kind in Australia. Today the original undergraduate College, comprising approximately 300 students, sits alongside St Paul’s Graduate House which is home to over 100 postgraduates and academics. Both communities offer the full historic collegiate experience to their members.

2023 signals the start of a new and exciting chapter in the history of St Paul’s as we welcome our first female undergraduates who will comprise exactly half our Fresher (1st year) intake. In addition, a small team of women in senior years at university will also join our student leadership team.

If you are like most people, you may be unsure exactly what a residential college is. Put briefly and simply, St Paul’s offers the very best full-time, all-round university experience possible: the exhilaration of living and learning together within a supportive and caring community. As the University of Sydney’s population inches towards 75,000, the idea of being part of a college community, small enough to give you a real sense of belonging, is attractive to more and more students.

The benefits of living in close proximity to the University of Sydney campus are obvious, but it would be wrong to think that St Paul’s is merely a convenient place to stay while studying. Many people are surprised to learn that St Paul’s is both a residential and a teaching college, modelled in part on the offerings of the great collegiate universities of the world. Living in College for the duration of your degree enriches not just your academic journey, but your human journey. At St Paul’s you are able to integrate your academic, spiritual, cultural and sporting life along with social activities, leadership opportunities and community service.

At its core though, College is about friendship. Almost without exception Old Paulines (as our alumni are known) look back on their years here as being amongst the happiest and most formative in their lives. Invariably the stories they tell are about the joy of shared experiences, their growth as a people and the lifelong friendships formed along the way.

What Do We Stand For?

St Paul’s aims to provide the best possible model of what an academic community of young people can be. We aim to foster intellectual leadership, academic excellence, moral responsibility and civilised values.

True to our Christian foundation, we aim to reflect God’s love for us in the love and care we show for one another.

The culture of St Paul’s College is inclusive, respectful, safe and fun. It fosters life-long friendships, leadership skills, team work and academic excellence. It also develops personal character traits of humility, generosity, service and compassion which are shaped by the College’s Anglican identity.

Our mission statement

St Paul’s College aspires to be internationally recognised as a place of rigorous intellectual, moral and spiritual engagement at the heart of the University. We provide transformative experiences for students through the creation of a learning and life-enriching environment. St Paul’s desires to strengthen two mutually enriching communities, one for undergraduates and one for graduates, working together to achieve excellence in the University and amongst wider society. St Paul’s seeks to let engagement with its Anglican foundation enrich the moral and spiritual development of its members so they can fruitfully contribute to their communities for the rest of their lives.

Where Are We?

St Paul’s College sits amongst beautiful and extensive grounds and gardens at the heart of the University of Sydney. The neighbouring suburb of Newtown, with its bustling café, bar and restaurant scene, is a short walk from the College, as is Broadway shopping centre. Redfern railway station is just a few blocks away. Buses on City Road travel directly to Central railway station and the CBD with bus, rail and ferry connections to the airport, beaches and other Sydney attractions.

From Our Students

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