Paulines and Oxford Rugby

On 2 March the 141st Men’s Varsity Rugby match was held between Oxford and Cambridge. Cambridge comfortably beat Oxford 56-11 at StoneX Stadium in Barnet, north London.

Old Pauline Archie King (at Paul’s 2012-14) played at five-eight for Oxford and during the tough game Archie kicked a penalty goal straight through the posts. Easts Rugby still considers Archie one of there own and mentioned his achievement on their Facebook feed.

As a result of this match Archie received his Oxford Blue in Rugby.

Another old Pauline Rory Marples (2011-14) played for Oxford in second grade. For both Rory and Archie these are outstanding achievements. 

Pictured (above) after the game are Paulines Nick Fabbri (2011) Rory Marples, Archie King and Edward Hoddle (2011-13) who are all reading at Oxford in 2024.

To see the YouTube video of the match CLICK HERE

Law Careers Panel

Organised and hosted by Jason Zhu He (BSc/LLB 4) a very successful careers panel was held on 16 May in the Chalmers Common Room for undergraduate and post graduate students studying law and those who are interested in a legal career.

Representing a range of legal and allied career paths, the panel spoke about topics from finding their feet after graduating to marks at uni. They shone light on all the paths students can take towards, and beyond, a legal career.

The panellists were:

  • Janine Ryan, financial services executive, general counsel and chief compliance officer at the ASX;

and old Paulines:

  • Matt Andrews (1987-90), partner at Kennedys with special interest in international insurance and insolvency sectors of the law.
  • Amer Nasr (2019-20), associate at Baker McKenzie who has also had experience as a policy advisor to the NSW Attorney-General;
  • Hugh Richards (1985-89), principal at Latimer Partners who spoke about life after a law degree and applying his knowledge in the international financial sector; and,
  • Kevin Tang (2000-02), a successful barrister in commercial, equity and administrative law.

A big thanks to this panel for leading an inspiring and informative discussion with our budding law practitioners. One of the students visiting from another college remarked on the great opportunities St Paul’s provides for broader student community with these types of events which do allow friends of St Paul’s students to attend.

Pictured above [l to r]: Kevin, Amer, Hugh, Janine, Matt and Jason

Beyond All Expectations! – Waddy Performance Centre Open

With a warm welcome from the Warden to start, and a great flourish to unveil the plaque, the opening of the Waddy Performance Centre went beyond all expectations. Apart from showcasing some of the marvellous College talent and showing off the great new facilities, it was a time to honour “one of the greatest and most dedicated servants this College has ever produced” as stated by the Warden in his opening remarks.

The Waddy Performance Centre lifts the opportunities for performing arts, music and theatre at Paul’s to a new level. During the opening we were entertained by the Chapel Choir singing Thomas Dosey’s Precious Lord, Ola Gjeilo’s The Lake Isle and Sir Edward Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory; Mummers gave us Monty Python’s  The Four Yorkshiremen; a student rock band played Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight; members of the Victoriana! cast sang Gilbert and Sullivan’s Three Little Maids from The Mikado, Fred Leigh’s Waiting at the Church and Oley Speaks’s On the Road to Mandalay;  and current Victoriana! Master of ceremonies, Jonathan Borg joined Lloyd Waddy to sing Charles Coborn’s Two Lovely Black Eyes.

The cast was supported by David Drury and Bill Brooks on piano and the show was planned and directed by the College Director of Music, Jack Stephens.

In the Anglican tradition we celebrated the opening through a dedication to God led by the Chaplain Rev’d Antony Weiss.

The Chairman of the Foundation, Geoff Lovell, took the opportunity to address the audience about Lloyd’s greatest gift to the College, being the establishment of the St Paul’s College Foundation so ably supported by its first chairman the late Robert Albert. He reminded us all about the legacy the Foundation has provided, and will provide, for hundreds of students who, like Geoff, gained an opportunity to attend St Paul’s through Foundation Scholarships. Geoff reminded the gathering about philanthropy and donating directly to the Waddy Performance Centre. The donations to date have raised over $500,000 still short of our goal for this project.

Donors to the centre have been acknowledged in the printed program and in the excellent new display screens which are in the performance centre lobby.

Lloyd spoke about his whole life being joyfully absorbed by St Paul’s, about his many theatrical interests and the delight of having a theatre space named in his honour.

For Lloyd’s short biography CLICK HERE

For Lloyd’s speech CLICK HERE

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