23 Apr 2024

News 2023

200th Anniversary of the NSW Supreme Court

There are many links between St Paul’s College and the Supreme Court of NSW book-ended by the third Chief Justice, the founding chairman of the College Council Sir Alfred Stephen, and the Current and 18th Chief Justice, old Pauline and former College Council Vice-Chairman, Andrew Bell (pictured above).

17 May 2024 marks the bicentenary of the first sitting of the Supreme Court, a significant milestone for the law in Australia as this court is one of the oldest jurisdictions in the world. To commemorate there is a new exhibition gallery at the Banco Court level 13 of Sydney’s Law Courts building and a book celebrating the 200th anniversary, Constant Guardian: Changing Times – The Supreme Court of New South Wales 1824 – 2024. “It’s guarding the rule of law, with all that important phrase entails,” Chief Justice Bell says of the Supreme Court. For a recent news story CLICK HERE [The Supreme Court of NSW is turning 200. Here are some of its biggest moments – ABC News]

St Paul’s has a deep history of producing alumni who serve the greater good of society across all walks of life. Apart from many serving the law today Paulines who have served on the NSW Supreme Court are:

The Hon Robert Pring (1853–1922; in College 1870), justice 1902-22, and acting Chief Justice 1918-19.

The Hon Sir Philip Street, KCMG KStJ KC (1863–1938; in College 1881-83), justice 1907-33, 8th Chief Justice 1925-33, and Lieutenant-Governor of NSW 1930-38.

Richard Windeyer, KC (1868-1959; in College 1889-90), barrister, acting justice 1936-37.

The Hon Edward Stephen (1870–1939; in College 1890-91), justice 1929-39.

The Hon Sir Kenneth Street, KCMG KStJ QC (1890–1972; in College 1908-10), justice 1931-60, 10th Chief Justice 1950-60, and Lieutenant-Governor of NSW 1931-72.

The Hon Frank Stephen, QC (1901-71; in College 1920-25), NSW District Court Judge and Acting Supreme Court Judge 1953 and 56.

The Hon William Windeyer, AM RFD ED (b 1936; in College 1954-56), judge 1992-2008.

The Hon Henric Nicholas, QC (1941-2021; in College 1958-61, Fellow 1987-2006, Chairman of Council 2002-06), judge 2003-13.

The Hon Terence Cole, AO RFD KC (b. 1937; in College 1955-59), judge 1988-98.

The Hon Robertson Wright (SC) (b. 1955; in College 1978-85), judge 2013- , and first President of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The Hon Mark Leeming (SC) (b 1969; in College 1987-90), judge 2013- .

The Hon Andrew Bell (SC) (b. 1966; in College 1985-89, Fellow 2004-11), Chief Justice 2022- , Lieutenant-Governor of NSW 2022- .