25 Mar 2023

News 2023

History-making game

St Paul’s College Rosebowl Netball Team made history on 13 March playing the College’s first women’s competition game. The final score was Andrew’s 61 – Paul’s 34. The game was fast, exciting and full of suspense. An impressive crowd of undergraduate men and women packed the stadium which created an atmosphere that truly defines St Paul’s culture. The game was held at the University Sports and Fitness Centre’s Bryden’s Show Court, on the campus at Darlington.

Accolades began with seniors Jonah O’Sullivan and Oliver Thorne publishing an inspirational (and witty) video on the SClub Facebook page, which spoke about every girl on the team. Then shortly after Sydney University Sport and Fitness published their video reel on Instagram titled “History in the making” [Link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CptpCdSh-LG/].

Goal scorers included Mia Bagget, Juliet Malcom and Maddi Schmidt. Although the whole game was a highlight, the third quarter was fast-paced and found the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats. The team had a real rhythm and each goal scored by Paul’s resulted in senior Hugh Jordon playing a few celebratory notes on the trumpet. The whole team played with grace and demonstrated true sportspersonship. Captain of Netball, Nat McRory, said of this first game: “the girls completely stunned both myself and the coach. We had been training really well but it was incredible to see the girls break out and truly work as a team”.

The next game will be held on Thursday 16 March at 6.30 pm at Darlington against Wesley College.