28 Mar 2023

News 2023

Graduate House – the best place for good medicine

From the Senior Tutor, Katie Allan

The 2023 Academic Year began early for our newest medical students. Long before Welcome Week, our newest aspiring doctors began their first semester of medical studies on 30 January. Organised by our Assistant Senior Tutor for Medicine, Meheer Zaveri, and with presentations by 2nd year medics Arnav Shetty and Catherine Trueman, we held a Welcome Evening the night before their first day on the McMillan Building rooftop! Over a casual pizza and drinks, Cat and Arnav, as well as many other of our medical students, gave some helpful tips and tricks for beginning medical school and explained the tutorial and clinical skills programme in Graduate House. It was a friendly and informative afternoon with an excellent group of young people. We look forward to seeing them develop into the knowledgeable and caring doctors we know they will be!

We are lucky to have tutorials for all medical subjects, and many clinical skills, in Years 1 and 2 of the Sydney Medical programme with 10 of our senior medics involved in tutoring our newer students. Our Assistant Senior Tutor and 4th year medical student, Meheer Zaveri, runs the programme in conjunction with the Senior Tutor and our subject tutors.

All the best to all our medical students for a great 2023!