29 Mar 2023

News 2023

Academic Life – a great end to 2022 and a fantastic start to 2023!

From the Senior Tutor, Katie Allen

Last year’s academic results are in and our Paulines can be proud of their fantastic achievements. Over one third of the College received a HD or D average in 2022, with a strong showing by last years Fresher cohort!

Once again, five of our top ten undergraduate academic performers were Freshers: Mr Ed Taylor (Bachelor of Engineering Honours and Bachelor of Arts) , Mr Luka Mattani (Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), Mr Josh Taleb (Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic Engineering) and Bachelor of Science), Mr Tylor Wessels (Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical Engineering) and Bachelor of Commerce), and Mr Alessandro Petagna (Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Advanced Studies). All these men received a high distinction average and have made a truly impressive start to their university careers! Our annual average mark across the College was 70.4%.

Another area in which Paulines excelled is in our tutorial programme. In 2022, over 1100 tutorials were held across the undergraduate and graduate communities – the largest tutorial offering in the College’s history. At the heart of our tutorial programme is peer learning and students encouraging each other. We had 60 young people teaching in our programme last year, including 15 members of Graduate House, 40 members of our undergraduate community, as well as recent alumni and friends of the College. Our students have reported that, ‘coming straight out of high school, [tutorials] really helped us understand …what was required of us to succeed in university.’ Our tutors have, students reported, shown passion and ‘consistently demonstrate a willingness to help.’ A big thank you to all our tutors at Paul’s for being so, in the words of our students, ‘proactive, compassionate, empathic, and diligent’ and ‘embodying what it means to be a Pauline.’

Academic Life is also off to a fantastic start for 2023. Our incoming freshers are studying a wonderfully diverse range of degrees. We have students studying vet science, computing, teaching, architecture, music, nursing, law, psychology, pharmacy, commerce as well as a significant number of students, the most in recent years, choosing to take traditional liberal university studies in the Arts and Sciences. On Friday of Welcome Week, after a fun-filled few days, a studious air descended over the Quad and Library as freshers met with seniors in their degree groups to plan their studies for the semester ahead and get to know other students in their cohort. Our tutorial programme is also now in full-swing with over 90 subject tutorials offered across our undergraduate and graduate communities.

The academic life of St Paul’s is looking exciting this year and we are looking forward to seeing our students aim high, do their best, and look after each other. Here to a great 2023!