Heritage legacies meet modern facilities

St Paul’s is a beautiful, historic location that provides the perfect backdrop for a full and active undergraduate life. Find access to comfortable and quiet spaces for study, expansive grounds for leisure and sport, and natural meeting points for social events and community building.

As the first university college established in Australia, the legacy of St Paul’s is evident across the sprawling campus and its original College buildings. With modern facilities catering to easy contemporary living, students can enjoy the best of both worlds amongst the peace and openness of this impressive College campus.

Our Grounds

  • Graduate House
  • Dining Hall
  • Dining Hall
  • Oval
  • Library Building
  • Chapel
  • Warden’s Lodge
  • Academic House Founder
  • Mansfield Library

  • Parking
  • Bike
  • Food
  • Bus
  • ATM

Chapel Court Buildings

The College Chapel is complete with collegiate seating and a breathtaking east wall of modern French stained glass. This is where the St Paul’s community gathers for formal liturgical worship and music recitals. A recently restored two-manual Flentrop pipe organ is one of the finest of its kind in Australia.

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Heritage Buildings

St Paul’s College is home to some of the oldest and newest buildings on the University of Sydney campus. The College’s original buildings date back to the 1850s, including some of the finest examples of neo-gothic architecture and stonework throughout Australia. These buildings are of great historical interest, value and national importance.

The College’s newest buildings are the Ivan Head Building, home to approximately 100 undergraduates and staff members, and Graduate House, home to the College’s community of postgraduate students and academics.

The College’s buildings include:

  • Albert Wing: Named in honour of Robert Otto Albert AO RFD RD, Pauline and the College’s most generous benefactor in living memory.
  • Arnott Building: Constructed in 1961, the Arnott Building was named after The Most Rev’d Dr Felix Arnott, Warden 1946-1963, and later Archbishop of Brisbane.
  • Blacket Buildings: This is the Original College quadrangle from 1856, named after its architect, Edmund Blacket.
  • Chapel Court: Flanking the College Chapel are Chapel Court South (‘South Chap’) and Chapel Court North (‘North Chap’), both built in the 1960s.
  • Denison Wing: Built in the 1940s and named after Sir High Robert Denison (1865-1940), benefactor.
  • Garnsey Wing: Named after The Revd Canon Arthur Henry Garnsey, Warden (1916-1944).
  • Ivan Head Building: Completed in 2018 and named after The Rev’d Canon Dr Ivan Head, Warden (1994-2017). The University of Sydney leases approximately 2,400 sqm of space under the Ivan Head Building and McMillan Building to the University for teaching purposes.
  • Mansfield Library: Built between 1967-1968 and named in honour of John Leslie Stephen Mansfield (1906-1965), Pauline, a major benefactor and architect of the Chapel and Chapel Court.
  • McMillan Building: Completed in 2019 and named after Stephen McMillan, alumnus, whose drive and support played an instrumental role in enabling the construction of the Graduate House and Ivan Head buildings.
  • Radford Wing: Completed in 1915 and comprising Top Radford (‘T Rad’) and Bottom Radford (‘B Rad’), the Radford Wing is named after the Rev’d Lewis Bostock Radford, Warden (1909-1915) and later Bishop of Goulburn.
  • Tower Block: Designed by John Mansfield, architect of the Chapel, and built in the 1960s.
  • Warden’s Lodge: Designed by Cyril and Arthur Blacket, sons of Edmund Blacket, the Lodge was completed in 1886.

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