16 May 2023

News 2023

Pauline Selected to Netball Australia National Pathway Squad

Mia Baggett, one of our 2023 Freshers, has been selected in the 19/U Netball Australia National Pathway Squad for 2023-24. Mia, from Mudgee NSW, was one of the stars of the history-making Paul’s netball team in Semester 1 and Mia will be joining an elite group of 28 players from around Australia in her age group. Netball Australia refers to the “impressive skill to react under pressure” of the women in the 19/U and 17/U squads. Mia’s goal is to be selected as a training partner in the Suncorp Super Netball clubs and aspires to play in the Origin Australian Diamonds, the Australian National Netball Team.

The College community congratulates Mia on her contribution to the life of the College and her recent selection to the national training quad programme this year.