11 May 2023

News 2023

Pauline scholars celebrated at Academic Dinner

From Katie Newcombe, Senior Tutor

Our annual undergraduate Academic Dinner for 2023 was once again a wonderful night full of celebrations, congratulations, and comradery. It was a great pleasure to recognise and celebrate the hard work and academic talent of our students.

The guest of honour this year was The Honourable Chief Justice Andrew Bell. An Old Pauline and distinguished jurist and Rhodes Scholar, Chief Justice Bell addressed our students at dinner, giving us a powerful reminder of the importance of community, listening to each other, and that learning communities such as St Paul’s can be a wonderful antidote to social and intellectual isolation. Together with the Warden, Chief Justice Bell presented prizes to some of our highest achieving students.

Prizes were awarded for high achievement in specific subject areas, as well as service to the College, and excellent academic achievement overall. It was particularly fantastic to welcome back Paulines whose valedictory was last year and congratulate them on their achievements in their final year of College. A special mention must also go to Ed Taylor (BE(Hons)/BA) for achieving not only the highest Fresher marks last year but the highest in the College overall!

Also awarded at our Academic Dinner was the St Paul’s College Teaching Excellence Award, given to the tutor, nominated by their peers, who most embodies the Pauline values of excellence and supporting others. We had over 10 nominations this year and the prize went, with raucous applause, to Mathu Pushpakumar (BE(Aero-Space)(Hons)/BComm). 2022 was a particularly successful year for our tutorial programme with over 1100 tutorials taking place throughout the year.

We are incredibly proud of our prize winners and high achievers honoured at our Academic Dinner and also proud of the friends, tutors, and peers that encourage all students to do their best and aim high at St Paul’s College.

Prizes were awarded to:

  • Ed Taylor Prize for the Highest Annual Average Mark in College
  • Jack Holt McWilliam Prize for law and service to College
  • Jackson Rogers Uther Prize for three years’ distinguished examination results and service to College
  • Bryson Constable Sir Ian McFarlane Prize for exceptional results in economics/commerce and for service to college
  • Hayden Fleming Portus Prize for exceptional examination results in History, Economic History of Philosophy
  • Mathu Pushpakumar Prize for Most Outstanding Tutor – nominated by his peers

Those gaining a High Distinction average in 2022 were:

  • Bryson Constable
  • Nicholas Jones
  • Riley Jones
  • Tommy Lu
  • Austin Markwick
  • Luka Mattani
  • Alessandro Petagna
  • Joseph Scopas
  • Aakash Singh
  • Alexander Siu
  • Harsh Talathi
  • Joshua Taleb
  • Edward Taylor
  • Julian Visalli
  • Tylor Wessels

Those gaining Distinction average in 2022 were:

  • Harry Algar
  • Wiley Anderson
  • Oliver Andronicus
  • Mitchell Arcus
  • Luke Arnold
  • Henry Blackwell
  • Jack Bouvier
  • Lachlan Bowen
  • Lachlan Brewer
  • Lachlan Brown
  • Thomas Burge
  • Oscar Carr-Middleton
  • Samuel Choi
  • Charles Dight
  • Lachlan Donaldson
  • Nicholas Dower
  • Joe Dyson
  • James Feetham
  • Hayden Fleming
  • Thomas Follett
  • Oliver Freeman
  • Auxence Gide
  • Nathaniel Gleeson
  • Thomas Green
  • Joshua Hall-Johnston
  • Sebastian Hodge
  • Walter (Jack) Holt
  • Nicholas Horne
  • John Houstone
  • Marcus Howes
  • Alan Huang
  • Henry Hughes
  • Archibald Hyles
  • Thomas Jarvis
  • Joshua Jones
  • Nicholas Laforest
  • Matthew Leijer
  • Henry Lewis-Thorpe
  • Leo Li
  • Benjamin Locke
  • Hunter McAuliffe
  • Isander Mesimeris
  • Michael Mingay
  • Nicholas Moroni
  • Isaac Morse
  • Theodore Mower
  • Finnegan Murdoch
  • Cooper Nagy
  • William Nicholas
  • Jonah O’Sullivan
  • Thomas Phelps
  • Maximilian Philips
  • Max Prince
  • Mathu Pushpakumar
  • Alexander Ranson
  • Samuel Richards
  • Aidan Riethmuller
  • Jackson Rogers
  • Alexander Rosic
  • Charles Rutledge
  • Jack Sandelin
  • Oliver Schnitker
  • Sebastian Shanahan
  • Toby Smith
  • Kyle Soepono
  • Joska Steinbusch
  • Zinzan Still
  • William Studdert
  • Simon Toscan
  • Nicholas Trotter
  • Joshua Turner
  • Hugo Walker
  • Harry Whitehead
  • Lachlan Whitehead
  • Connor Whiteley
  • Devon Wilson
  • David Zhang
  • Jason Zhu He

The College community congratulates all these Paulines on their achievements.

Rhodes Scholars of St Paul’s who gathered in 1996 – Andrew Bell 2nd from right