15 Feb 2024

News 2024

New Dean, new College baby

The College is delighted to share that the Senior Tutor, Katie Newcombe, has given birth to a son, Alfred, during the Christmas break. Katie and Matthew Newcombe (in College 2019-21) moved into the Gate Keepers Lodge after marrying in March last year.

This year Matthew was appointed Dean of Undergraduates, following in the footsteps of Harry Croker. Matthew previously worked as Tipstaff to the Hon. Justice François Kunc of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The young family have now moved into the Dean’s Flat in the Denison Wing. Congratulations Matthew and welcome back!

While Katie is on maternity leave, the Assistant Dean of Undergraduates, Lucy Williams, has stepped into the role of Acting Senior Tutor.

The College community congratulates Matthew and Katie on their wonderful news. We look forward to seeing Matthew, Katie, Alfred, and Lucy’s contributions to college life in 2024!