19 May 2023

News 2023

Intercol Women Rugby Sevens

In another of our 2023 “firsts” St Paul’s has participated in Intercol Women’s Rugby Sevens. Coached by current Paulines Jack Sproats, Jonah O’sulivian and Edward Bell, the team attracted a great crowd (the largest group was from Paul’s!) for the tournament on Sunday 14 May at St John’s Oval. Our two teams were:

  • Pauls 1: Tilly Wittenoom, Skye Kelton, Phoebe Langord, Sahara Elfar, Ami Natio, Maddy Freeman, Julliete Malcom, Sophie Lyne, Kate Brenner, Brooke Elliot, Allegra Flemming, Eleanor Campbell, Masie Reid and
  • Pauls 2: Bella Deale, Lucy Eyres, Heidi O’Sullivian, Amelia Tabrary-Edwards, Aya-Lani Elias, Bis James, Gigi O’Rouke, Holly Whitaker, Olivia Thoma, Matilda Walker, Zoe Mchutchison.

Convenors Brooke Elliott and Sophie Lyne were delighted with the huge effort of both teams on the day, a result of three-day-a-week training over the last month and great camararderie. Most Valuable Players were Ami Natio, Sahara Elfar (Pauls 1) and Zoe Mchutchison (Pauls 2).

Well done to all involved. The participation rate of the women at Paul’s is amazing. They are the smallest cohort of women in any of the colleges and are playing in every USyd Intercol comp. They are being greatly supported by the men and women of St Paul’s.

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