Academic life and mentoring

Graduate House is committed to fostering the highest levels of academic excellence in all its members. St Paul’s College has a rich tradition of high quality peer-to-peer tutorials in all subjects, and Graduate House members will be a part of this tradition. This will offer senior students the opportunity to get gain invaluable teaching experience, while providing a study and revision resource to members of the wider College.

Weekly study groups in a wide variety of subjects, including medicine and law, will be arranged. Those interested in leading these should contact the Dean (care of

Resident Senior Members will be role models of success in academic careers, and keenly interested in the growth and achievement of our postgraduate students.

The College has an extensive alumni community including leaders in all walks of life.

Dinner seminars

Dinner seminars will take place before formal dinner once a week. Interested members may join the seminar, and will dine together with the invited speaker at formal dinner, where discussion can continue.

Every member of Graduate House will have the opportunity to invite an academic of their choosing (potentially their research supervisor or a mentor or lecturer) to give the dinner seminar. This will be an opportunity to enjoy a scholarly conversation and get to know eminent members of the University.