29 Aug 2023

News 2023

Debating win for Paul’s

The Intercol Debating fixture is part of the Palladian competition and over a two day tournament in August Paul’s was victorious. Led by Debating Convenor and coach Sophie Jeffries, the team members were Bryson Constable, Isander Mesimeris (2nd highest speaker score in the whole competition), Jack Sandelin, Will Nicholas, and Will Defina.

The final debate was “That we support the imposition of a significant inheritance tax” (Negative) (won against Drew’s in the final). During the competition the following motions were debated by Paul’s:

  • “That we support the rise of youth wings of political parties” (Negative) (Won against Wesley)
  • “That we regret the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe” (Affirmative) (Won against Drew’s)
  • “That we regret the norm of parents financially supporting their children after they become adults” (Negative) (Won against John’s)
  • “That Latin American countries should form an economic and political bloc similar to the European Union” (Affirmative) (Lost to Women’s)
  • “That we regret the prioritisation of sportsmanship over maximising competitiveness in sport.” (Negative) (Won against Sancta)

Paul’s was very successful at characterising the debates in a way that was advantageous while each topic and opposing team presented their own challenges too.

Congratulations to the Debating Team on their impressive weekend campaign and bringing home the Debating Trophy once again.