Peer Support Leader Programme

Peer Support Leaders play a key role, alongside Junior Deans and members of the Students’ Club Committee, in working alongside staff to set the tenor of the Fresher cohort. Each Fresher is allocated a Peer Support Leader (PSL) who is a Senior in their third year or above of their degree. PSLs assist Freshers in ensuring they’re able to settle in quickly and step into the swing of life at St Paul’s.

PSLs serve via:

  • Reaching out to Freshers before they move into College
  • Being part of Welcome Week activities
  • Explaining how the College operates and what it means to be a Pauline
  • Guiding new students as they get on track with their studies from the get-go
  • Checking in with students about their study patterns and assessment preparation
  • Assisting students in applying for convenorships, trying out for Mummers and the
  • Rawson/Rosebowl/Palladian competitions
  • Introducing students to major calendar events within College life

Peer Support Leaders maintain a consistent, active presence throughout College life, attending College events and modelling for Freshers how to live out life as a Pauline. PSLs are rich resources of support and information for our student body, readily available to answer student questions and to assist individuals in embracing community life. Whether it’s an informal catch-up in the Hall, checking in on new students in their room to say hello, meeting at Ralph’s for a coffee, or sending out group invitations for connection across the Freshers who make up a Peer Support Group, PSLs actively encourage student engagement.

From the Warden and Deans of St Paul's

Welcome to St Paul’s College!

Firstly, well done on taking the opportunity to find out what St Paul’s College is all about and how you may be able to benefit by becoming a member of this unique community. There are thousands of graduates of St Paul’s for whom choosing to apply to come here was the beginning of one of the best and most formative experiences of their lives. It is a community where students from different faculties, faiths, backgrounds and worldviews share and shape one another in their thinking. All of this takes place in a convivial and enjoyable environment.

I hope you will get a sense of what our Undergraduate and Graduate House communities are about and the kind of activities that make becoming a member of St Paul’s such a special experience. It is an environment that will accelerate your academic, social, creative and spiritual endeavours. Furthermore, you will have opportunities to serve and develop as a leader in ways unique to St Paul’s.

While our website can highlight and describe aspects of St Paul’s community life, there is no substitute for coming and meeting people and seeing the campus. We hope that you would be inspired to take that next step and I look forward to welcoming you for a visit as you continue to explore whether you too might become a member of this life transforming community.

Ed, Casey and Antone
Warden, Dean of Undergraduates and Dean of Graduate House

College Council

  • College Council
  • Chairman: Mr M.R. Elliott
  • Deputy Chairman: Rev’d Dr M. Wood
  • College Bursar: Mr A.I.Sinclair
  • Warden: Rev’d Dr Edward Loane
  • Mr J.R.G. Bell
  • The Revd P.J.Bradford
  • Mr M.D.G.Gerber
  • Dr C.S.Biscoe
  • Mr D.E. de M.Roberts
  • The Revd Dr J.Collins
  • Mr R.G. Goninan
  • Associate Professor J. Horne
  • The Revd A. Sempell

Senior Staff

  • Warden: Rev’d Dr Ed Loane
  • Dean of Graduate House: Dr Antone Martinho-Truswell
  • Senior Tutor: Ms Katie Allan
  • Chaplain: Rev’d Antony Weiss
  • Head of Admissions: Mr Philip Barr
  • Head of Co-residential Transition: Ms Tracey-Jane (TJ) Christie
  • Associate Dean of Undergraduates: Mr Harry Croker
  • Associate Senior Tutor: Mr Hayden Randall
  • Financial Controller: Mrs Jackie Cox
  • Director of Community Development: Mr Richard Morgan
  • Registrar: Mrs Tracey Donkin

The Paul's Family

St Paul’s is a close-knit community where staff and students alike are here to help you. From the moment you enter Paul’s you will be made to feel welcome and cared for. It goes without saying that the Warden, Dean’s, Junior & Student Dean’s, Chaplain and Senior Tutor all take a personal interest in each and every student.


Live With Us

Friendship and community are at the heart of the Paul’s experience. Paul’s is a place where you are welcomed, respected and recognised for who you are. The College has a strong commitment to providing the best all-round educational experience for our students. The benefits of sharing the learning experience with fellow students are significant to all students who walk through these doors.