Investing in our communities

Paulines have been active participants within their communities through outreach activities since the College’s foundation. These activities are coordinated by the Outreach Syndicate and in liaison with the Chaplain and are opportunities for students to give back to the wider community. Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are able to engage directly with those in need beyond the campus walls.

Outreach opportunities include feeding and caring for the homeless through Newtown Mission and the Cana Foundation. In recent years, there’s been a particular interest in the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience and 180 Degrees Consulting, as well as regular clothing drives for Op Shops. In 2021, Paulines commenced an online weekly tutorial program that helped students from regional NSW prepare for their HSC exams. After a successful pilot program, this is now expanding, with the Outreach Syndicate eager to hear from Paulines who would like to participate.

This focus on community service and social justice activities equips Paulines to build a well-rounded, holistic and community-minded sense of service within their personal and professional development.


Live With Us

Friendship and community are at the heart of the Paul’s experience. Paul’s is a place where you are welcomed, respected and recognised for who you are. The College has a strong commitment to providing the best all-round educational experience for our students. The benefits of sharing the learning experience with fellow students are significant to all students who walk through these doors.