A bustling, welcoming lifestyle

At St Paul’s College, our undergraduate residents enjoy access to a wide range of activities. Across regular community events, weekly services in the chapel, a vibrant academic schedule, creative pursuits, sports and recreation, service and interest and all kinds of social events, you’ll quickly find your calendar is full.


Our close-knit community of staff and students ensures undergraduate residents are welcomed and cared for. Rich relationships and opportunities for regular community engagement contribute to a sense of connectedness and engagement, providing a foundation of support that lasts well beyond the end of your study years.

Spiritual Life

At St Paul’s, faith finds formal expression within weekly services held in the College’s beautiful 1960s chapel. While the College is an Anglican Foundation, the College is inclusive in its application procedures, welcoming members of all faiths.

The interconnectedness of the entire College highlights the positive impact religion can have on a varied community of individuals at different stages of faith commitment.

Intellectual Life

St Paul’s is first and foremost an academic college, with a rich academic record to date across Pauline alumni. With University Medallists, Rhodes Scholars and other international scholarship-holders, the learnings on offer at St Paul’s provide the foundation for a life of continued societal impact.

Tutorials across more than 90 subjects offered by the University of Sydney are at the heart of College intellectual life, with small group academic mentoring available to all residents.

Intellectual debate and enquiry are further stimulated both formally and informally through regular seminars, forums and guest speakers, as well as regular community dinners.

Creative Life

Creativity is encouraged and developed at St Paul’s, with Drama, Music and Visual Arts offering undergraduate residents the opportunity to find new forms of expression. With a high value on the role of the arts in promoting life-long learning, many former Paulines have built careers across fields including art, acting and music.

This focus on respect for the cultural impact of creative activities makes way for dynamic opportunities that are found across Drama, Music and Visual Arts. These include the Palladian Cup, an inter-collegiate cultural competition; the Chapel Choir; Mummers, the in-house theatre company; Victoriana, Australia’s longest-running music-hall performance, and varied musical performances across the calendar year.

Sport and Recreation

Our community recognises the value of physical activity in its contribution to general wellbeing and health at all stages of adult life. One of the highlights of daily College life is touch football or tip, enjoyed at 5pm since St Paul’s began.

Alongside our playing oval, the St Paul’s gym offers a full range of equipment and resources for student-athletes and daily exercise.

Serious sportsmen and sportswomen are encouraged by the College to play wider representative sports for the University or for other clubs.

Our undergraduate residents also proudly participate in the Rawson Cup, an inter-collegiate sporting competition that sees male students competing in cricket, swimming, rowing, rugby, soccer, basketball, tennis and athletics, and the Rosebowl, where female students compete in hockey, swimming, rowing, netball, soccer, basketball, tennis and athletics.

Service and Interest

As an integral part of a well-rounded learning experience, St Paul’s College offers its students the opportunity to engage with the greater community through a wide range of outreach activities. Many of these are made available thanks to the vision, generosity and philanthropy of St Paul’s alumnus. A regular commitment to service enables each generation to develop a sense of belonging, indebtedness and community-mindedness.

Students are welcomed to identify the causes or campaigns of personal significance to them, engaging with service activities as their schedules allow. At St Paul’s, we embody our historical culture of giving back through the support of community organisations, charities and a wide range of initiatives.

St Paul’s students have given their time or fundraised for organisations including Legacy (for Veterans and their families), Mary’s House (supporting victims of domestic violence), the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation (cancer research) and Buy A Bale (which supports drought-affected farmers).

Social Life

The strategic design of daily life at St Paul’s leads to a rich, developed social life for our undergraduate and postgraduate students alike. Our tight-knit college lifestyle creates organic opportunities for the development of friendships and other relationships.

As students live and learn in close proximity to other like-minded individuals, they’re naturally able to build a wide community of peers who will also become a part of their future professional network.

Students enjoy a wide range of social gatherings, functions and parties. Notable social calendar events include Welcome Week, Inter-college Dinners, University and College Dinner, Faculty Dinners, Surreal Sounds Music Concert, Jazz Dinner Dance, Valedictory Dinner and the Formal.


Creativity is an academic, co-curricular and pastoral pursuit at St Paul’s. Drama, Music and Visual Arts help our students to speak to their own lives – to find their own rhythms, craft their own shapes and to find new ways to express themselves. We also value the opportunity The Arts provide as a holistic approach to life-long learning with many former Paulines pursuing careers as artists, actors or musicians.

Our intention is to enhance a love and understanding of cultural activity and what it brings in terms of a greater sense of who we are. Dynamic opportunities in Drama, Music and Visual Arts include the Palladian Cup (the inter-collegiate cultural competition), the Chapel Choir, Mummers (the in-house theatre company), Victoriana (Australia’s longest running music-hall performance) and various other musical performances across the year.

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Music is a great tradition of collegiate life and it is no surprise that songs, chants, poems, plays and instruments are an enormous part of everyday life at St Paul’s. Constantly evolving, the music at St Paul’s is growing in 2022. This section of the College website will be growing along with it as we record and publish as often as we can. Many of these recordings are on the College YouTube Channel for public use and we all hope that you enjoy them.

Also, please check out our events to see what’s on. Alumni and friends are most welcome when we have public events.

Richard Morgan (Director of Community Development) & Jack Stephens (Director of Music)

For recent videos scroll down | see below for forthcoming music events

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Live With Us

Friendship and community are at the heart of the Paul’s experience. Paul’s is a place where you are welcomed, respected and recognised for who you are. The College has a strong commitment to providing the best all-round educational experience for our students. The benefits of sharing the learning experience with fellow students are significant to all students who walk through these doors.