The Common Meal

Though College does provide accommodation, perhaps its most important function is bringing members together over common meals. Breakfast and dinner in Graduate House are times for human connection, and foster lively and inspiring discussion on everything from the mundane to the sublime. We believe that eating together is good for the mind and soul, and that focusing on our fellow residents is how community is forged (which is why telephones are banned in the Refectory!)

Formal dinner on Monday evening is the crowning moment of the week. Aesthetically, this is a formal occasion, but it is also our family meal, a time for the whole community to come together at the same time to spend an hour or two relaxing over a good meal in good company.

Several times a year, a Feast is declared to celebrate an achievement in the House or a moment in our community’s history. These are some of the highlights of the year, and like all formal meals in the House, involve poetry, music, celebration, and sometimes dances or singing!

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