30 Aug 2023

News 2023

Sydney Law School an international stand out

Vered Lalrinpuii who holds a LLM from the National Law University of New Delhi, discovered the Sydney University Law School to fulfil her dream of studying overseas. She met Graduate House Alumna Zoe Brereton (at College 2019) while studying in Delhi who explained the life and benefits of living at St Paul’s while studying for a Sydney higher degree.

Vered arrived at Graduate House in July 2022 and is enrolled in LLM. She is the recipient of a Sydney University Dean’s Scholarship as a result of Professor Simon Bronitt’s visit to India and becoming aware of the limited opportunities for the minority community of Mizoram in Northeast India. Simon is Dean of Law and was a resident academic at Paul’s 2019-20.

Vered was part of the India-Immersion program as a liaisons officer signing MOUs with law schools and meeting Vice Chancellors with Dean Simon Bronitt. Her stance on anti-corruption law has allowed her to undertake comparative studies with her alma mater in Delhi. She has also discovered many shared passions between Indians and Australians beyond cricket, curry and the Commonwealth!

Vered is on a pathway towards a Law PhD. When her studies are over Vered wants to give back especially in her own country where there are formidable challenges. She aspires to establish a research centre for Northeast India within the University of Sydney. She draws inspiration from two remarkable Northeast Indian scholars, Dr Yankee Modi, co-director of the Centre for Cultural-Linguistic Diversity at Sydney University and Dr Dolly Kilkon, Anthropologist at Melbourne University.

Whilst being part of St Paul’s College Vered has put Mizorma on the map and added significantly to the diversity of culture and thought in the Graduate House community. She is inspired by the genuine engagement of the College community with its First Nations students. After a year living at Paul’s she is contributing to the life of the Graduate House community in many ways, enjoys the traditions of college and is fast becoming a leader and mentor to newer students.