16 Feb 2024

News 2024


It starts with mindset. It is about being supportive and enabling others to accomplishments through working together. For the last sixteen decades St Paul’s has been a crucible for development of young men, and since 2019 also young women, to contribute positively and meaningfully to the world.

With this background 22 young people have been tackling the ethics, authenticity, creativity, communications and behaviours of leadership in the St Paul’s undergraduate context.

Leadership Week began with a retreat in the Southern Tablelands where key discussions were held about the College, where it is placed in modern society, and how the student body makes the College a great place to live.

The group included the ResLife Team of pastoral staff, the Students’ Club Committee and our Junior Deans. On their return to College last week they were joined by the Welcome Week Team and the effort began on planning for the year ahead, especially Welcome Week just concluded. The learning then switched to ethics, behaviour and the Code of Conduct. Academics, first aid and mental health first aid were also taught in the context of the academic and caring environment of St Paul’s.