Our Vision

Shape Tomorrow – the vision

In November 2016 the College Council formally approved the project to expand the College. As these plans now start to become a reality, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with details of the approved vision for the future of the College.

Realising the College vision will provide for all our students from 2018 onwards, securing the College’s future and relevance, and strengthening our commitment to academic excellence and service to the nation.

We warmly invite you to share our vision, and make it possible.

For Stage One of the Third Quadrangle (including Ivan Head Building) and Graduate House, we need to raise $20 million to furnish the public rooms, to upgrade some existing College facilities and to minimise our borrowings.

Click here to go to our time-lapse camera to view current progress.

Completion of Academic House in Stage Two is estimated to require philanthropy of a further $20 million.

Are you able and willing to help build the future of St Paul’s College as the pre-eminent college in the nation’s pre-eminent university?

Help us create inspirational living and learning environments that encourage learning, sharing, creative thinking and collaboration.

Help the University attract the best and brightest minds from Australia and beyond.

Help students and researchers focus on their important work, free from financial pressures.

You can help build the Ivan Head Building or Graduate House by donating at our online Giving Form, or by  giving by post, fax or email using this printable form.

Your donation will work for generations to come, ensuring that St Paul’s College continues to shape its residents, the University of Sydney and our society of tomorrow.

Download the Shape Tomorrow booklet or read on for details of the building project below.

Philip Cox watercolour of St Paul’s College (aerial north facing)

St Paul’s College aspires to be internationally recognised as a place of rigorous intellectual, moral and spiritual engagement at the heart of the University of Sydney: a place where undergraduate and graduate students, academic staff and visitors – reflecting the full spectrum of university life – interact, grow and learn from one another in a mutually supportive residential environment.
We will build upon the College’s illustrious heritage to shape an even brighter tomorrow, by expanding the existing College for men (predominantly undergraduates) and by creating a distinctive new community for postgraduate students and academics, both men and women.

The resulting larger College will be a vibrant, connected and continually relevant community, shaping for good the lives of its members, the University of Sydney, and the society of tomorrow.

Third Quadrangle (Stage 1)

The College will build upon the long-standing excellence of our students to achieve a larger and more diverse male undergraduate community, while retaining the essential ethos and elements of life offered by the College.

New and expanded facilities which meet the needs of modern student life will include a new ‘West Wing’ with approximately 100 studio rooms on the north-west corner of the College land. This will form a Third Quadrangle to the north of Denison and Garnsey, seeing the population of the existing College grow to approximately 290 in one community from the start of the 2018 academic year. The Warden believes that existing routines can be managed at those numbers, with some finessing for major events.

In addition to new state-of-the-art accommodation for undergraduates, the Third Quadrangle will include a new Study Centre / Library, a Gymnasium, Common Rooms, and a championship-sized Croquet Lawn. The West Wing will be used for conferencing and other external uses during vacation periods..

The new facilities will provide the space and capacity to enable the prospects of our students achieving excellence across the many opportunities offered by university life. They will also allow for the continuation of academic and pastoral support and other outstanding programmes that make the St Paul’s College experience so transformative.

Upgrades to some existing College facilities are also planned as part of the expansion works; including relocation of the tennis courts, improvements to common room facilities, grounds, security and car parking.

For example, it is intended that the existing Mansfield Library will become the central common room for the present College, opening both to the Main Quadrangle and to the Third Quadrangle, incorporating modern recreational facilities for residents. It is also intended that a new ‘vestibule’ be created in Denison to ‘connect’ the Main and Third Quadrangles as part of the undergraduate College in all its dimensions..

Graduate House (Stage 1)

A new Graduate House will be built as a new and co-related activity of the present College, with a specific vision as follows:

We will create a world-class collegiate community for postgraduate students and academics, whose members and programmes will be engaged with the University of Sydney and the world in real and practical ways.

For women and men, from Australia and internationally, the Graduate House will develop its own lived ethos and culture, founded upon multi-disciplinary interaction and distinctive academic leadership, which will shape for good the lives of its members, the University, and the society of tomorrow.

Although separate, its presence nearby will be of great benefit to the continuing undergraduate community of St Paul’s College, as it will be to the University as a whole.

This community will be at the heart of the University, both in physical location and in human endeavour, responding particularly to the University’s growing focus on higher degrees and postgraduate studies, and on inter-disciplinary research centres which search for solutions to local and global challenges and explore new ways of living.

While ultimately governed by the Warden and Fellows of St Paul’s College, the Graduate House will have its own Board and leadership which will aim to attract the best and brightest minds, to foster inter-disciplinary and inter-professional collaboration and learning among its members, and to build strong academic connections with the University.

Over time, the Graduate House may focus on particular themes in its intellectual life, for shorter and longer periods, in response to the emerging challenges of society and in ways which connect with the distinguished heritage and Anglican foundation of St Paul’s College.

The Graduate House will be a residentially based community, with facilities suitable for both independent-style living in high quality accommodation and communal activities. It may also have non-resident affiliate members participating in its collegiate life.

The Graduate House will be a standalone community with its own facilities and Graduate Garden, built to the east of the West Wing. It will house 150 research students, students taking higher professional degrees and academic visitors from the total range of University programmes, demonstrably adding value to the lives of its adult residents.

It will be open to women and men approximately 22-32 years of age, with a range of room types catering for differing residential requirements (single, married / with partners). Rooms will generally be equipped with ensuite bathrooms and kitchenettes.

It will contain a full suite of amenities fit for graduate studies and life, including a Study Centre, a Dining Room, kitchen and servery, common rooms, communal cooking facilities, and music rooms.

It is intended that the Graduate House community will be governed by a subsidiary Board of the College Council and led by a distinguished scholar Dean. An apt and seamless use of both shared and distinct amenities between the Graduate House and the present College will be administered by the Warden.

Graduate House is targeted for completion in mid-2018.

University Teaching & Office Space (Stage 1)

The University of Sydney will lease approximately 2,400 square metres of space under Graduate House and the West Wing, below the level of the College Oval facing north. This space will be used for offices and teaching and will operate independently of the College’s spaces in those buildings. Rent from this lease will help underpin financing of the College expansion.

Academic House (Stage 2)

The Academic House building to the north-east corner of the College grounds will follow as a second stage pending further development work and feasibility analysis.

Project Team

The College project team, led by the Vice Warden Mr Geoff Lovell and Mr Stephen McMillan, continues to receive expert advice on the project from Citta Property Group, Cox Architecture, Hector Abrahams Architects, and has the whole-hearted ongoing support of the University of Sydney.

Citta Cox Hector Abrahams

Building works

Buildcorp commenced work in November 2016 on the Graduate and West Wing buildings. Progress can be viewed by following this link.

If you are interested in seeing the works for yourself please contact the Director of Community Development, Richard Morgan on 02 9550 7472 or email community@stpauls.edu.au.

Your Support

Will you consider making a major gift, perhaps across a number of years, to support the appeal in general or an area of College life you particularly care about?  Donations can be made either in your own name or in honour or memory of someone you wish to memorialise.

Your gift can make a real difference to future College residents and their lives helping those in need and improving society.

You can help build the Ivan Head Building or Graduate House by donating at our online Giving Form, or by  giving by post, fax or email using this printable form.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, please contact either

Mr Geoff Lovell, Deputy Head of College, or

Mr Richard Morgan, Director of Community Development, community@stpauls.edu.au

t. 02 9550 7444