Tutorials and Academic Support

Applicants to St Paul’s College must demonstrate academic rigour and achievement, and admissions are academically selective. The best and brightest are sought for admission to Graduate House.

With a rich tradition of high-quality peer-to-peer tutorials across all subjects, Graduate House members play a rich part in this College tradition. Senior students gain the opportunity for invaluable teaching experience across both an undergraduate and postgraduate level while also providing study and revision resources to members of the wider College.

Tutorials are delivered across a wide range of subjects, including programmes specifically for 1st and 2nd year MD and JD students, as well as a programme for Honours and PhD students.

Graduate House members can also make use of study and academic support groups across a wide variety of subjects, including writing and study skills.

Faculty Dinners

Formal dinners with intention

The community of St Paul’s comes together for a formal dinner from Monday to Thursday, as well as all major celebrations. This formal three-course dinner served at the table is a distinct element of life at St Paul’s.

Here, our community is able to converse, connect and grow in close rapport through intentional engagement and regularity. Dinner is often followed by an address from an esteemed guest speaker, invited on the basis of their intellectual, cultural or leadership merit. St Pauls students are able to meet a wide range of alumni, broadening their network and expanding their future access to opportunities.

Graduate House

Live With Us

A community where postgraduates and academics come together in a scholarly environment where ideas come to life and connections are made