Spiritual Life

Deo Patriae Tibi

The College is an Anglican Foundation. The crossed swords on the College coat of arms represent the Apostle Paul, who was beheaded with a sword; and the Maltese cross refers to his shipwreck at Malta before his imprisonment in Rome. The motto, ‘Deo Patriae Tibi’, loosely translates as ‘For God, your nation, and yourself’.

Today St Paul’s is unique amongst colleges on campus in having a full-time Chaplain in residence.

Faith is expressed formally through the weekly services held in the College’s beautiful 1960s chapel. The College is inclusive in its application procedures and welcomes members of all faith traditions, or of none. The wellbeing of the whole of the College and all its members is a microcosm of how religion can enliven a community in which people are at different stages of formal and informal commitment.

The major College service is Choral Evensong which is sung by the College Chapel Choir before Formal Dinner each Tuesday during semester.

There are also regular Bible Study sessions, and a lively World Views and Ethics discussion group which considers important global and local issues one evening each week.

Most importantly, the Chaplain is available to all members of the College community for pastoral care matters.

Chapel Services

Chapel Services

  • Monday
    8:30am Morning Prayer
    9:30pm Bible Study group

  • Tuesday
    8:30am Morning Prayer
    5:15pm Choral Evensong (sung by the College Chapel Choir)

  • Wednesday
    8:30am Morning Prayer

  • Thursday
    8:30am Morning Prayer
    9:30pm World Views and Ethics discussion group

  • Friday
    8:30am Morning Prayer
    12 noon Holy Communion

Other significant Services include the Commencement Service, Academic Dinner Evensong, ANZAC and Remembrance Day Commemorations, Valedictory Evensong and the annual Carol Service.

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Social Life

College life means having a rhythm to days, weeks, semesters, and years. This includes everything from meals and tutorials to sport and events. The College organizes cooking classes, sporting activities, Feasts, and seminars, and there is always something happening in the House. The student members of the House elect the Middle Common Room (MCR) committee to represent them and to support the social atmosphere of the College. The MCR arranges regular social activities ranging from the annual Winter Ball to excursions and informal gatherings. Most members find that College comes to be the centre of their social lives, and life-long friendships form and are strengthened in our community.

Graduate House

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A community where postgraduates and academics come together in a scholarly environment where ideas come to life and connections are made