30 May 2023

News 2023

From Delhi to College

Recent stories about two Graduate House members have highlighted the great work St Paul’s College, in partnership with the University, is doing with the Indian charity Asha Community Health and Development Society which supports postgraduate coursework for students from slum communities in India.

Sumit started in Graduate House this year to study a Masters in Public Policy at the University. During his undergraduate studies in New Delhi he was selected to become an Asha Ambassador which gave him the opportunity to study abroad. Read more about Sumit in IndianLink News and AFR.

Tushar Joshi joined Graduate House in December 2021 after commencing his Masters in International Relations remotely at home. He is the recipient of a Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship and was also selected for this opportunity through the Asha program in India. For more on Tushar’s story see USyd News.

Both Sumit and Tushar are actively contributing to the life of St Paul’s. They bring a world view that is vastly different to the majority of students at Paul’s but they are embracing and celebrating the values of Australia and the traditions of collegiate life. Both young men involved in the Middle Common Room and are active participants in the social life of Graduate House. Here is a great Sumit details his new life thanks to the College and his scholarship: video clip HERE.

Photo above Tushar Joshi in Delhi (credit: The University of Sydney SAM)