27 Apr 2023

News 2023

Anzac Commemorations

280 current students attended the Sydney Dawn Service on Anzac Day. This was followed by the College Service of Remembrance at 10 am when Senior Student Simon Toscan and Students Club Treasurer Jack Holt read the names of Paulines fallen during war. Part of the Anzac tradition at College is to organise ‘vertical’ groups of undergraduates bringing seniors and freshers together for a visit to the city to join post-parade celebrations.

The Annual Anzac Commemoration Dinner was held on 19 April when 260 members of the undergraduate community heard from Rev’d David Hastie who has served for many years as a naval officer, and soon to return as a naval chaplain. He was our guest speaker at the Anzac Service as well. The dinner speech from the Alex Back (Lord of Yore) reminded the College of the extraordinary sacrifice of its men in world conflicts.

Alex Back addresses the Anzac Commemorative Dinner