Renewable energy for the College

Renewable energy for the College

4 months ago

Power for the Sydney University Campus is provided through the University’s contract supply arrangements and St Paul’s has chosen to be one of the colleges benefitting from renewable energy optimisation. From July the University will be purchasing its electricity from Red Energy and 100% of its electricity in NSW originates from renewable sources, backed by Snowy Hydro.

Under the contract the University’s and College’s activities will be powered by solar energy. The positive impact will be in excess of removing 31,200 cars from the road. It also brings the University, with some of the colleges, a step closer to implementing zero emissions by 2030.

An interesting Pauline connection to the early years of hydro-electric power generation in Australia was Mr J Russell Ashton CB (in College 1943-46) who studied Civil Engineering and was the Commissioner of the Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Commission between 1977 and 1987. He led the commission during the most controversial time in Tasmanian hydro history following the flooding of Lake Pedder and parts of the Tasmanian wilderness!

Current student, Mr Joseph Scopas, (BE(Hons)/BComm 3) has a passion for renewable energy and is working as a research intern at the University of Sydney School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering exploring the production of green fuels through electrolysis. Joseph is thrilled to see the progressive change which reduces the footprint, both in his University workplace and at College.

The College is delighted to be supporting the University through the ongoing purchasing of renewable energy and looks forward to participating in more science-based decarbonisation initiatives.