Update Your Entry in the St Paul’s College Biographical Register

Update Your Entry in the St Paul’s College Biographical Register

3 years ago

About 5,200 students have enrolled at St Paul’s College since 1857. Every one of them has been listed in the College Biographical Register and during the last fifty years several pleas for information have been circulated, but not always returned. However, we now have a very interesting collection of the lives of Paulines, and we are still working on this project to lessen the deficiencies.

Many obituaries in The Pauline have been constructed from two sources: (1) a Pauline’s valete being a sketch of his youthful pastimes and (2) his Biographical Register entry which showed the pattern of his adult life and his achievements.

It is now VERY EASY for all Paulines to write their records and email them to the AlumniOfficer@stpauls.edu.au You can add to them whenever you like and therefore keep them up to date. Less than 5 lines is disappointing; 10 to 15 lines is normal; and more than 15 column cms might promote editing.

The essential data to be recorded is:
• Full name and Date of birth
• Schools attended
• Names of any Pauline relatives
• College and University sports and other activities in which you participated
• Awards: scholarships, medals, degrees, ‘Blues’ won at College or elsewhere.
• Professional life so far
• Offices held in clubs, teams, professional organizations, Armed Services.
• Any published material
• [if applicable] married to (name), (date) and the number of your children – eg 2s 3d

Selwyn Owen
Alumni Officer, St Paul’s College
(02) 9550 7456