Update on governance reform

Update on governance reform

4 years ago

Over the last year, the College has been reviewing its governance arrangements to modernise them for the College’s future needs in line with contemporary governance principles.

In May, the College circulated a draft set of proposed principles for a new St Paul’s College Bill.

The response to these proposals to reform the governance of St Paul’s College has been overwhelmingly positive. The Council wishes to thank all those who took time to respond and provide feedback. All suggestions were seriously considered by Council and some minor amendments to the summary of the proposed St Paul’s College Bill have been adopted in order to ensure the reform provides better governance as well as making the terminology simpler and clearer.

The revised summary can be found here.

For easy reference, the changes were to:

  • Increase the quorum requirement from four to seven of the 13 members of Council
  • Remove “Council members and former Council members” from the electorate for Council elections, and
  • Change the terminology referring to Anglican clerics from “a clergy person” to “an Anglican in Holy Orders”

These changes are reflected in the summary of the proposed St Paul’s College Bill circulated to alumni and friends of the College in the June newsletter.

Any further feedback on the governance proposals should be made to governance@stpauls.edu.au