Building avenues for current students

GRISP is the official St Paul’s alumni mentoring and networking program. Within this program, current Paulines are met with an old Pauline who works in a field they’re interested in pursuing, including Engineering, Finance, Law, Politics and more.

St Paul’s GRISP Initiative creates avenues for current students, generally in their third year of study, to receive strategic input from Old Paulines. This takes the form of advice, coaching and career input as students look to kick-start their career pathway.

More alumni than ever before are now interested in supporting students. Alongside one-on-one mentoring, undergraduate students benefit from one-off events, such as April 2021’s The Future Of Leadership panel.

GRISP places are competitive and are prioritised for Paulines who can demonstrate an ongoing commitment to engagement with their mentors throughout the year in order to maximise its benefits.


Live With Us

Friendship and community are at the heart of the Paul’s experience. Paul’s is a place where you are welcomed, respected and recognised for who you are. The College has a strong commitment to providing the best all-round educational experience for our students. The benefits of sharing the learning experience with fellow students are significant to all students who walk through these doors.