Student-centred projects

Student-centred projects

8 months ago

Creative ideas pour out of universities every day, not the least of these come from students seeking to make a difference to society. Not surprisingly St Paul’s is a crucible of student creativity, underlined by its fundamental collegiality and its very strong links into its alumni community.

Two projects on the go might interest Paulines young and old are Ikigai and Piknic.

Ikigai (Japanese) “a reason to get up in the morning” was founded by Jason Zhu He (UG BSc I) with Lachlan Pullar (2013-15). Jason would love for old Paulines to get involved by being filmed and simply sharing their life and professional experience on video that will be accessed by thousands of high school and university students from the Ikigai website. For more contact Jason on, or see

Piknic was founded by Jethro Mahon (GH MComm III) and is a start-up that will connect students needing casual work with employers. Ideally suited for the hospitality sector Jethro’s AI-based application provides a low cost alternative for employers and a free service to students connecting them to work opportunities from their devices. Jethro would also love to hear from old Paulines in industries that need casual staff at the click of a button. For more contact Jethro on 0400 550 088 or see