St Paul’s to farewell Dr Don Markwell as he leaves to lead cultural renewal in Adelaide

St Paul’s to farewell Dr Don Markwell as he leaves to lead cultural renewal in Adelaide

2 years ago

St Paul’s College has regretfully accepted the resignation of Dr Don Markwell, who has served as Warden during a transformational period in the College’s history.

In November, Dr Markwell will take up the Headship of St Mark’s College, St Paul’s fellow Anglican university college in Adelaide, where he will lead a major process of cultural renewal. The appointment has been announced today by St Mark’s College.

The Chairman of the College Council, Mr Mark Elliott, has congratulated and thanked Dr Markwell for his outstanding service to St Paul’s.

“Don has overseen a transformational period in the College’s history and has laid secure foundations for cultural renewal and further progress at the College into the future,” Mr Elliott said.

“On behalf of the College Council, and the whole Pauline community, I thank Don for his exceptional contribution to the College and congratulate him on his significant new appointment.”

Dr Markwell said he was proud of what had been achieved at St Paul’s.

“I am very grateful to the College Council, students, staff, alumni and friends of the College for their support during an important period of renewal at St Paul’s,” he said.

“Strong foundations have been set for the future of St Paul’s.

“I am especially proud of the remarkable talents and energy of the students and staff of St Paul’s College, and will miss them very much as I move to lead cultural renewal at St Mark’s”, Dr Markwell said.

Under Dr Markwell’s leadership, the College has:

  • successfully undertaken an historic expansion, including development of the College’s new Graduate House community, following the opening of the McMillan and Ivan Head Buildings;
  • embarked on a new era of cultural renewal, having significantly progressed implementation of the recommendations of the Broderick Review into College culture with an Action Plan for Cultural Renewal that the College is continuing to implement vigorously;
  • secured the passage of the Saint Paul’s College Act 2018, the first legislative reform of the College’s governance since 1857; and
  • improved the College’s standing within the University and broader communities, among much else.

Dr Markwell said that, having helped to catalyse significant developments at St Paul’s and to lay strong foundations for the College’s future, he had responded positively to an unexpected opportunity to lead a similar process of cultural renewal at St Mark’s.

Dr Markwell will serve as Warden of St Paul’s College until September 30 and commence as Head of St Mark’s in November.

A global search for the appointment of a new Warden has been initiated by the College Council to continue to lead the process of cultural renewal at the College.



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