St Paul’s College enters a new era in 2018

St Paul’s College enters a new era in 2018

1 year ago

As we expand and prepare to welcome a record number of new students, St Paul’s College within the University of Sydney has entered a new era.

St Paul’s College works to offer all its students the best all-round educational experience possible. College life involves integrating learning and living, with focus on academic, cultural, sporting, spiritual, community service, social, and other activities.

Recent months have seen:

  • The former global head of the Rhodes Scholarships, Dr Donald Markwell, appointed as Head of the College, commencing on 5 February
  • The expansion of pastoral care through the appointment of the Revd Antony Weiss as resident Chaplain of the College
  • Expansion of the College and creation of a record number of undergraduate places through the construction of a world-class residential building for 106 undergraduates
  • Preparation for welcoming 140 women and men as postgraduate students of the College in 2019, through the construction of Graduate House
  • Further strong steps to uphold the College’s commitment to respect and dignity for all, including for genuine equality of respect for women and men alike
  • Other significant steps towards cultural renewal, including working with former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick
  • The appointment of a new Chair of the College Council, Mr Mark Elliott, and commencement of a review of the College’s governance, and
  • Excellent academic results by the students of St Paul’s College in 2017, alongside impressive success in extra-curricular activities, including through winning the Rawson Cup for men’s inter-collegiate sport.

As Head of College, Dr Markwell has been working closely with student leaders on preparations for a positive start to the new academic year, including development of a balanced programme of activities for new students in Orientation Week.

Dr Markwell wrote to all St Paul’s College students on his first day as Head of College reaffirming the College’s commitment to the values of respect and dignity, including equality of respect for women and men. He asked students to work with him to uphold this commitment, and made clear that any actions inconsistent with these values would not be tolerated.

The College has been preparing for a review of College culture, led by Elizabeth Broderick, which provides a significant opportunity for the College as a community to learn and improve. All members of the College are strongly encouraged to participate in the review process thoughtfully, candidly and constructively.

Other actions to uphold the values of dignity and respect for all have included face-to-face training sessions for student leaders, the revision of the College Handbook to improve clarity around policies and expectations, and scheduling of face-to-face training sessions for new students during Orientation Week.