St Paul’s College determined to be leaders against sexism as it implements changes for the future

St Paul’s College determined to be leaders against sexism as it implements changes for the future

2 years ago

[Update at 9.12am, 14 September 2018] The University of Sydney has released a statement welcoming the College’s commitment to the recommendations outlined in the review. Their statement is here.


St Paul’s College today announced that it accepts in full and has commenced implementing all recommendations from the Broderick Report into the culture of the College, and is determined to be a leader in fighting sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

The Broderick Report is today released alongside the College’s Action Plan to implement all of its recommendations.

The College has entered a new era in 2018, and implementation of the Broderick Report’s recommendations is the next stage of this new era.

The Report and Action Plan are available on the College website.

We are utterly determined to be leaders in preventing and responding strongly to sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. We are equally determined to uphold the values of respect and dignity for all, regardless of gender.

We will do whatever is necessary to achieve this.

This determination reflects our commitment to offer all our students the best all-round educational experience we can.

The Broderick Report shows that, while there is much for the College to be very proud of, including considerable progress in many areas, there are also aspects to be ashamed of. For these matters, we are deeply sorry.

We apologise unreservedly for any harm done to anyone by unacceptable behaviour by any members of the College, past or present, and where we have failed to take the strongest stance we could against such behaviour.

We thank all those who have contributed their insights and experiences to the Broderick review.

In the last year, St Paul’s College has entered a new era. We have a new Head of College and new Council leadership, and are working towards governance reform.

The College is expanding, including developing a coeducational Graduate House, opening in 2019, which will welcome women students into residence at St Paul’s College for the first time.

We are placing renewed and increased emphasis on the values of respect and dignity for all, including equality of respect regardless of gender, and are acting to uphold those values.

The Broderick Report is an important element of the new era at St Paul’s. We have been completely open and transparent in inviting those with relevant experience to give input to the Broderick Report and we are grateful that so many women and men have spoken up and had their voices heard.

The College’s Action Plan shows that we are already at work implementing the Broderick Report’s recommendations.

  • We are taking action on the areas identified in the Broderick Report regarding St Paul’s College – leadership and support; diversity and inclusion; the place of alcohol; traditions, initiations and hazing; and women’s experiences – as well as on the areas identified in the Broderick recommendations to other colleges in November 2017.
  • We and The Women’s College have recently jointly announced further steps in practical cooperation between the two colleges to further improve the all-round educational experience of students in both colleges.
  • We are working in close partnership with the wider University of Sydney and with the other University of Sydney colleges in implementation of the Broderick recommendations.
  • One aspect of this partnership has been a workshop held on 13 September with the University’s senior leadership, Elizabeth Broderick AO, and the leaders of all colleges on common responses to unacceptable behaviour.
  • We are also continuing to work with the NSW Parliament to reform the governance of St Paul’s College. The Broderick Report has endorsed the need for modernisation of the College’s governance.
  • During the first half of 2019, St Paul’s College will publish a progress report on our implementation of the Broderick Report’s recommendations, which will be updated periodically to track progress.

Implementation of the Broderick Report’s recommendations will strengthen St Paul’s College and the important contribution we make to the educational experience and personal growth of all our students.

14 September 2018

A PDF of this statement can be found here. The Broderick Report can be accessed here, and the College’s Action Plan can be accessed here


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