Senior Members and Academic Fellows

A community where postgraduates and academics come together in a scholarly environment where ideas come to life and connections are made

Senior Members

Graduate House is a collegiate community bringing together postgraduate students and resident academics in a rich, scholarly environment where ideas can be shared. Senior Members – resident academics at the postdoctoral level or above – are an important part of this community.

The academic wing of Graduate House features superior, spacious accommodation suitable for single residents, couples, or small families, and can host a community of up to 20 resident academics, who form the Senior Membership.

Senior Membership is open to any academic working at the University of Sydney, as well as the medical staff of the university’s associated hospitals. Academics affiliated with other universities, but interested in contributing to the academic life of college, may also be considered. All those wishing to express an interest in Senior Membership, or wishing to enquire for more information, should contact the Dean

Academic Fellows

 Academic Fellows are distinguished academics, in some cases old members of the College, who have been invited by the Warden or Dean of Graduate House to play an ongoing role in the community. They are outstanding leaders in the fields and frequently visit College to dine, give seminars, or join in events. Academic Fellowship is by invitation only.