Scholarship Fund

Built on philanthropy for 160 years

The Scholarship program at St Paul’s is diverse and deep. Many of today’s university students living outside Sydney cannot afford the costs of living in Sydney, especially at the heart of the University of Sydney. A gift, large or small, to the College scholarship funds allows us to offset residential fees for those most deserving of financial help. In some cases this is based on academic merit but mostly it is given after a thorough assessment of student need.

Several funds currently exist:

The Foundation – which is a capital fund and today provides over 75 scholarships

General Scholarship fund

The Medical Alumni Scholarship Fund – specifically for the support of medical students

The Graduate House Members’ Legacy Fund – new in 2020

The College has been given substantial personal gifts and bequests throughout its history and these have formed the basis of perpetual scholarships named in honour of the donor.

For all inquiries about scholarship donations or bequests contact Richard Morgan, Director of Community Development, Alumni and Foundation Office at the College – E., T. 02 9550 7444