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and Bursaries

Graduate House is a collegiate community bringing together postgraduate students and resident academics in a rich, scholarly environment where ideas can be shared

Members and Bursaries

Senior Members

Academics of the University of Sydney wishing to become members of the College should contact the Dean directly via email Fees for Senior Members may be found here.

Student Members

Membership is by application and interview with the Dean or Associate Dean. Members must conform to all rules and regulations laid down by the College in its Statutes, By-laws, and Handbook, and as the Warden or Dean may direct. Applications should be made through the online portal at the top of this page.

Membership is open to enrolled postgraduate students of the University of Sydney. We also accept post graduate students from other local universities including UNSW, UTS, and Notre Dame. This includes anyone who has completed the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree (including those who have not yet had that degree conferred, such as double degree students who have completed the first degree, or those reading for a second BA).


The College maintains a bursary scheme for those in financial need who have excellent academic records but are not able to afford College fees. Bursaries may be applied for through the application portal for membership by completing the additional form. All bursaries are partial, and are calculated based on submission of documents evidencing the candidate’s and their family’s financial position, and discussions with the Dean. Applicants should reflect carefully on their financial position and make an honest assessment of their genuine need in making an application. Applications without relevant financial information will not be considered, and applicants are asked to refrain from purely speculative bursary applications.


Fees are charged semesterly or monthly, by arrangement with the finance team. Fees include accommodation, 12 meals per week, utilities, internet, gym, academic program, linens, room cleaning, and all other college facilities. The College endeavours to keep fees as low as possible, and they represent excellent value. The full fee schedule may be viewed here.

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