Senior Members

Our Senior Members are academics at the postdoctoral level or above who contribute to the intellectual life of the House through mentorship and leadership.

Senior Membership is open to any academic working at the University of Sydney, as well as the medical staff of the university’s associated hospitals. Academics affiliated with other universities, but interested in contributing to the academic life of college, may also be considered.

Graduate House Bursaries

St Paul’s College Graduate House makes numerous bursaries available to prospective postgraduate students, assisting meritorious students to live and study within the postgraduate community who could not otherwise afford to do so.

Bursary applications should be made at the time of application to Graduate House, and not later than November 12th of the year prior to the applicant’s year of entry. Bursary applications without full tax returns of the applicant and parents will be disregarded.

Graduate House

Live With Us

Graduate House is a collegiate community bringing together postgraduate students and resident academics in a rich, scholarly environment where ideas can be shared