in College 1895-98; son of of Jesse Gregson (superintendent for Australian Agricultural Company, Liverpool Plains), and Catherine Gregson; rowed and played cricket and tennis for the College and University (blue in all three); Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering; surveyor; married Grace Busby, 1912.

Sergeant, Australian Engineers, AIF; killed in action, Gueudecourt, France, 14 November 1916, aged 39.

Obituary in The Pauline:

William Hilder Gregson entered College in 1895, and graduated in 1898. He enlisted in the A.I.F., and left Australia as a private, but was afterwards promoted to sergeant. During the fighting in France last November he was badly wounded, and left in a shell-crater. After the battle, stretcher-bearers were sent out to bring him in, but neither they nor Sergeant Gregson were ever seen again.