in College 1912; son of Thomas Woore Frederick Busby (pastoralist at Cassilis) and Augusta Eliza Mitchell Busby; at school at Shore; coxed of College VIII; surveyor.

Second lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery; died of war wounds at the Somme, 11 February 1917, aged 24.

From The Pauline, on his leaving College:

F.W.M. Busby. Represented the College in rowing, football, cricket, shooting, athletics and billiards. Eric was the type of man in College we do not see enough of. A veritable tiger for work of all sorts, but of such a nature was he that the mental strain of late hours never drove from his serene countenance the ever-pleasant smile of congeniality. Typical of the man, he has chosen for himself a rough row to hoe. After two years of strenuous and heart-breaking labour he has gone to sport with the gay Theodolite.

Obituary in The Pauline:

F.W.M. Busby left Australia in 1915, and joined the R.F.A. in England. He took part in the first great push, and latterly had been at Armentieres. On the 10th February the guns had been moved up to a position near Pozieres, and on the morning of the 11th, whilst “Ferdie” was superintending the unloading of munition, the Huns dropped a few shells over the camp. One of them struck him and he was killed almost instantly.