War service

War service

The medals of Osborn Trebeck, who served in the Sudan campaign 1885 and with the
Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War One: Egypt Medal and bar (the latter marked “Suakin 1885”);
British War Medal (1919); Victory Medal (1919), engraved SJT A.O.TREBECK C.A.M.C.; the Khedive’s Star;
and Mayor of Sydney’s Silver Medal 1885, engraved “N.S.W. CORP A.O.TREBECK A.M.C.”
These medals were offered at auction in 2006 and again in 2010.

Though large numbers of Paul’s men served in the two World Wars, not many have been professional servicemen and only a few have signed up to lesser conflicts. Harold McIntosh, who fought in the Boer War and in World War One, and who was a lieutenant-colonel of the 12th Light Horse when he was killed in Palestine in 1917, is one of a small number to have shown outstanding abilities of this sort. Sir Michael Bruxner, assistant adjutant and quarter-master general of the Anzac Mounted Division in the last years of World War One, was another. So was T.L.F. Rutledge, who commanded the 4th Pioneer Battalion in World War One and the 7th Light Horse Reserves in World War Two. All three appear in the Australian Dictionary of Biography.

When it comes to courage and ability in the field the figure is much larger. See the details for each conflict.

Sudan campaign, 1885
South African War, 1899-1902
World War One 1914-18
World War Two, 1939-45
Korean War, 1950-53
Vietnam War, 1962-75



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