University Medallists

University Medallists

To begin with, University Medals, together with Chancellor’s Medals, Vice-Chancellor’s Medals and so on, were awarded for assignments, in verse or prose, on selected topics, and for results in the MA.  Of these only the Wentworth Medal (an essay prize) survives today.  A Paul’s man, Ernest Brougham Docker, won a University Medal in 1861 for a poem called “The Fall of Granada”, the Wentworth Medal in 1862, for an essay on “The Effects of the Division of Labour on the Social and Intellectual Conditions of Man”, and another University Medal on graduating MA in 1865.

The current University Medal

The current University Medal

In due course University Medals were awarded to undergraduate students achieving very high marks in their final year, with frequently as few as one or two each year in each discipline – or none at all if results did not justify an award.  The College’s University Medallists for the last decade are listed below.  There is a separate page for previous Medallists.



  • Joshua Przybylko, Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical) (in College 2001-05; to management consultancy)
  • Aaron Rathmell, Bachelor of Economics and Social Sciences (in College 2005-07; to Oxford University)


  • Nikolas Kirby, Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) (in College 2005-09; LLB, Rhodes Scholar, to Oxford University)
  • Andrew Wilson, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Biomedical) (in College 2002-06; to management consultancy)
  • Oliver Jones, Bachelor of Laws (in College 2004-06; to Oxford University)
  • Anthony Phillips, Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) (in College 2002-06; to Cambridge University)


  • David Gale, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Biomedical) (in College 2005-07)
  • Tom Finn, Bachelor of Medical Science (in College 2003-05; to MB BS Sydney University)
  • Gerald Teng, Bachelor of Science (Physics) (in College 2003-06; to Stanford University)


  • Christopher Croke, Bachelor of Arts (History) (in College 2005-06; to LLB Sydney University)
  • Laurence Field, Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (in College 2005-07; to the University of Chicago)
  • Tom Grujic, Bachelor of Science (Physics) (in College 2005-08; to Oxford University)


  • Michael Begg, Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (in College 2006-09; )
  • William Clegg, Bachelor of International Studies (in College 2008-09; to Oxford University)
  • James Colless, Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (in College since 2006-11; to Harvard University)
  • Casey Handmer, Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (in College 2006-08; to Californian Institute of Technology)
  • David Llewellyn, Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (in College 2006-09; Rhodes Scholar, to Oxford University)


  • Michael Falk, Bachelor of Arts (English) (in College 2010-12; LLB)
  • Oliver Rourke, Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (in College 2006-10; to University of Maryland)
  • Martin Seneviratne, Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) (in College 2008-13; MB BS).
  • Nat Ware, Bachelor of Economics (in College 2009-11; Rhodes Scholar, to Oxford University)


  • Joshua Levin, Bachelor of Arts (History) (in College 2009-12)
  • Andrew Thomas, Bachelor of Economics (in College 2008-10)


  • Edward Talas, Bachelor of Science (in College 2009-13)
  • Daniel Ward BA, Bachelor of Laws (in College 2010-12); also University Medallist in Music.


  • Luke Craven, Bachelor of Arts (in College 2010-12)
  • Alexander Calder, Bachelor of Arts (in College 2010-13)


  • Christopher Watson, Bachelor of Science (in College 2011)

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