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Science, Medicine and Engineering

Professor Patrick McGorry, 2010 Australian of the Year, advocate of better mental health services for the young. (Nine News photograph)

Professor Patrick McGorry,
2010 Australian of the Year,
an advocate of better mental health services for the young.
(Nine News photograph)

Edward Pearson (or Pierson) Ramsay FLS, FRS (Edinburgh), FRGS (1842–1916; in College 1863-64), ornithologist and zoologist, pioneering taxonomist and collector, with a particular interest in species of Australian fish. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

William Sutherland Dun (1868–1934; in College 1886-87), palaeontologist. He was a pioneer in Australian palaeobotany and palaeozoology, especially in the areas of brachiopods and molluscs. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

William George Armstrong (1859-1941; in College 1887), NSW Director-General of Public Health and President of the Board of Health, a major reformer in the areas of urban health and infant health [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Clinton Coleridge Farr FRS (1866-1943; in College 1891-93, 1895-96), electrical engineer and physicist, Professor of Physics, Canterbury University College, New Zealand. He led the NZ magnetic survey and researched radioactivity in rocks and water. Elected to the Royal Society 1928. [Australian Dictionary of Biography; John Campbell, “Clinton Coleridge Farr, 1866-1943”, New Zealand Science Review, vol 58]

Sir Thomas Wilson Kt, CMG, FRACS, FROCG (1876-1958; in College 1893-97, Senior Student 1897), obstetrician, University of Adelaide. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Leslie St Vincent Welch (1879-1947; in College 1900). As Chief Medical Officer for Queensland schools, he was an “uncomprosing advocate for children”, especially children in remote areas; founded the Wilson Ophthalmic Hospital, Brisbane. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Edward Montague Wellisch (or Wellish)(1882-1948; in College 1900), Associate Professor of Mathematics, Sydney University. His research was in the area of the movement of electricity and electromagnetic theory. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Harold John Ritchie PRACP, FRCP (1884-1953; in College 1903-07), one of the founders of the Royal Australian College of Physicians. [Austn Postal History & Social Philately]

Hugh Kingsley Ward MC, FRACP (1887-1972; in College 1909-10), Rhodes Scholar, Bosch Professor of Bacteriology, Sydney University, founding member of the National Health and Medical Research Council, chairman of National Research Council and a founder of the Australian Academy of Science. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Sir Denis Browne KCVO, FRCS, FRACS, Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (1892–1967; in College 1910-14, Senior Student 1914), surgeon. He is described as “the father of paediatric surgery in the United Kingdom”. [Australian Dictionary of Biography; Oxford Dictionary of National Biography; P.M. Dunn, “Sir Denis Browne (1892-1967) and Congenital Deformities of Mechanical Origin”, ADC Fetal and Neonatal (2004)]

Sir Ralph Whishaw Kt, CBE, FRACP, FRCP (1895-1976; in College 1914), cardiologist, foundation member and vice-president of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and photographer. [Royal Australasian College of Physicians website]

W.C.B. Harvey CBE, FRACP (1899-1981; in College 1915-20), thoracic physician and anti-smoking crusader. He was a leading figure in persuading Australians of the dangers of smoking. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Sir Lorimer Dods Kt, MVO, FRACP, FRACG (1900-81; in College 1918-22), paediatrician, Professor of Child Health, Professor of Paediatrics, University of Sydney. He was a pioneer in research into the diseases of children. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Rex Knight (1903-63; in College 1920-21), foundation Anderson Professor of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, and author, with his wife Margaret (Horsey), of the long-standing text, A Modern Introduction to Psychology. [Wikipedia]

Sir George Halliday Kt, FRCSE, FRACS (1901–87; in College 1920-25), surgeon and otolaryngologist. He introduced to Australia the fenestration operation to cure deafness caused by otosclerosis. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Donald Cameron OBE (1900-74; in College, Senior Student 1925-27). He was Federal Minister for Health, High Commissioner to New Zealand and one of the founders in Queensland of Meals on Wheels.

Sir Allan Callaghan Kt, CMG (1903-; in College 1922-24), Rhodes Scholar, Principal of Rosworthy Agricultural College, South Australian, and South Australian Director of Agriculture. [Encyclopedia of Australian Science]

Stuart Campbell, Commander of the Order of the Crown of Thailand, FRGS (1903-88; in College 1922-25), aviator, explorer, businessman. He pioneered flying in Antartica and wrote the popular text Fundamentals of the Thai Language. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Ian Beveridge (1908-2006; in College 1927-30), Professor of Animal Pathology, University of Cambridge, and President of the World Veterinary Association; specialising in cancer in domestic animals. [Wikipedia]

K.N.E. Bradfield OBE, Papua New Guinea Independence Medal (1910-2006; in College 1930-33), Civil Aviation Advisor to the government of Papua New Guinea, and Australian representative on Council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

G. W. Shedden Adam FRCOG, FRCS (Edinburgh) (1908-73; in College 1930-32), Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Queensland, and a highly influential clinical obstetrician and teacher. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Harrold Consett Davis (1913-44; in College 1931-36), a brilliantly promising entomologist, awarded the DSc by Sydney University at 30 years old; a member of the AIF and of the Commonwealth Scientific Liasion Bureau when he killed in a plane crash in New Guinea, 1944 [Proceedings of the Linnean Society of NSW, 1945]

R.D.K. Reye (1912-77; in College 1931-36), pathologist. His work at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney, led to the definition of two malignant tumours of childhood, Reyeoma I and II, and the Reye syndrome. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

S.C. Baker (1910-92; in College 1933-34), physicist, Professor of Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York. [Encyclopedia of Australian Science]

Peter Orlebar Bishop AO, FAA, FRS (1917-2012; in College 1935-40), physiologist, Professor of Physiology, University of Sydney and at the Australian National University. He provided increased understanding of people’s ability to see in three dimensions. Elected to the Royal Society 1977. Awarded the Australia Prize, 1993, as “one of the three or four world leaders in visual science”. [Encyclopedia of Australian Science]

David Harvey Sutton MBE (b. 1918; in College 1937-42), Cloncurry, hospital superintendent part-time flying doctor, founder of the Inland Medical Service, Queensland. [R.E.M. Armstrong, Beyond the Call of Duty: Frontier Doctor David Harvey Sutton]

Jock Marshall (1911-67; in College 1939-41), as an intelligence officer in World War Two, leader of “Jockforce” in Papua New Guinea; author of Journey among Men (1962; with Russell Drysdale) and The Great Extermination (1966), a foundation text on Australian biodiversity; foundation Professor of Zoology, Monash University [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Louis Davies AO, FAA, FATSE (1923–2001; in College 1941), Rhodes Scholar, radiophysicist, Director of Amalgamated Wireless Australasia and Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of NSW. He was influential in building links between university physics, industry and Federal government. [Encyclopedia of Australian Science; Australian Academy of Science website]

Russell Ashton CB (1925-2003; in College 1943-46, Senior Student 1945, 1946), engineer, commissioner, Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Commission.

Grahame Budd AO (b 1930; 1947-52), physiologist. He has led research in the area of human acclimatisation in extreme climatic conditions, especially the Antarctic.

Richard Champion FASSA (1925-99; in College 1948-50), Professor of Psychology at the University of Sydney, specialised in research in Pavlovian conditioning. [JJ Furedy, “A Pavlovian in Spirit: Richard Annells Champion (1925-1999)”, Integrative Physiological and Behavioural Science, vol. 35]

Michael Hall FRS (b 1931; in College 1949-54), physicist. He researches for the Royal Air Force at Farnborough, Hampshire, in the area of fluid aerodynamics, and was elected to the Royal Society in 1993.

Bruce Benjamin OBE, AO (b 1931; in College 1950-53), laryngologist, specialising in ear, nose and throat diseases in children, a pioneer in the development of relevant equipment and techniques, including photography; Clinical Professor of Ear, Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgery, Sydney University, and Foundation President of the Australasian Society of Paediatric Otolaryngology. [Syd Univ Med School website]

Ray Stalker AO, FAA, FAIAA, FIEAust, FTSE (1930-2014; in College 1950-53), engineer, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and of Space Engineering, University of Queensland. He invented the shock tunnel (known as the Stalker tunnel) and the scramjet. [Encyclopedia of Australian Science]

James McLeod AO, FAA, FRCP, FRACP, FAATSE (b 1932; in College 1950-53, 1956-58, 1961, Senior Student 1953), Rhodes Scholar, Bushell Professor of Neurology, University of Sydney. He researches in the epidemiology of multiple sclerosis. [Sydney Medical School website]

Bob Jolly DSc, FRSNZ, MNZM (b 1930; in College 1951-54), Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Science, Massey University, New Zealand; specialist in animal pathology, and in the use of animal models for human disease. [Wikipedia]

James May AC, FRACS, FACS (b 1934; in College 1952-57), Bosch Professor of Surgery, University of Sydney. He has been an international pioneer in endoluminal methods of treating diseased arteries.

Colin Johnston AO (b 1934; in College 1952-56), Professor and Head of the Department of Medicine, Austin Hospital, Melbourne, specialising in hypertension.

Emeritus Professor Miles Little AO, FRACS, FRSM, FRSA (b 1933; in College 1952-58), medical researcher, poet and ethicist. He has been Professor of Surgery at Westmead Hospital and a Co-Founder of the World Association of Hepatic, Pancreatic and Biliary Surgeons, and is described as “one of the most original and engaging voices in contemporary medical ethics and philosophy”. [Sydney Medical School website; Wikipedia; I. Kerridge, C. Jordens & E.-K. Sayers, A Miles Little Reader: Restoring Human Values to Medicine (2003)]

Associate Professor Terry Bolin OAM(b 1935; in College 1956-57), gastroenterologist, Founding President, The Gut Foundation, University of New South Wales: Conjoint Associate Professor of Medicine, 2002-2014.

Donald Cameron AO (b 1938; in College 1956-61), Professor of Medicine, University of Queensland, with research in the area of diabetes and endocrinology.

James Lance AO CBE, FAA (b 1926; in College 1953-56, tutor 1956-60), Professor of Neurology, University of NSW. His area of research has been headaches and migraines. [Australian Academy of Science website]

Colin Laverty (1937-2013; in College 1955), a pioneer in research in cervical cancer and in the usefulness of Pap smears.  Also, with his wife, Elizabeth, a major collector and publicist of Australian art, especially Aboriginal art. [Wikipedia]

John Chalmers AC, FAA, FRACP (b 1937; in College 1956-60), Professor of Medicine, University of Sydney and Flinders University. His work in the area of high blood pressure and the prevention of heart attack and stroke has influenced the treatment of countless patients.

John Uther AO, FRACP (b 1939; in College 1956-62), Professor of Medicine, University of Sydney; a distinguished cardiologist, especially in the area of electrophysiology.

Colin Chesterman AO, FRACP, FRCPA (b 1940; in College 1958-63) Scientia Professor in the Prince of Wales Clinical School, University of New South Wales, specialising in occlusive vascular disease.

Ian Constable AO, FRCS, FRACS (b 1943; in College 1960-64), Foundational Lions Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Western Australia, founder of the Lions Eye Institute, Perth, and chair of the WA State Science Council. [Wikipedia]

John Copland AO (b 1940; in College 1960-67), veterinary scientist, working in the area of parasitology and fish pathology. His work on rodent control and on poultry has had a wide impact in South-East Asia, and he has led work with fisheries in the South Pacific and Papua New Guinea.

Robert Jansen AM (1946-2014; in College 1967- ), “one of the world’s leading human fertility researchers and pioneers of IVF in Australia”; founder of Sydney IVF [Sydney Morning Herald, 9 December 2014]

Patrick McGorry AO (b 1952; in College 1971-74), Professor of Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne, Executive Director of Orygen Youth Health and founder of the National Youth Mental Health Foundation. He is a world leader in the area of youth mental health and was 2010 Australian of the Year. [Wikipedia]

Iain Dunlop (b 1956; in College 1985-89), chair of the federal Australian Medical Association.

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