Media and the Arts

Media and the Arts

Adam Spencer, Sleek Geek (ABC photo)

Adam Spencer, Sleek Geek
(ABC photo)

Ernest Docker (1842-1923; in College 1860 and probably 1861), photographer, poet and district court judge. He was a significant technological pioneer and promoter of Australian photography. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Dowell O’Reilly (1865–1923; in College 1886), poet, one of the founders of the “bohemian” style of Australian poetry. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Max Maxwell (1891-1938; in College 1911-12), photographer. He was one of the leading and most ingenious wildlife photographers of his day, working in east Africa. [The Times, 22, 23 April 1938; Nature, no. 141 (May 1938)]

Sir Warwick Fairfax Kt (1901-87; in College 1920), newspaper proprietor (John Fairfax & Sons). [Australian Dictionary of biography]

John Mansfield (1906-65; in College 1924-28), architect, a significant designer of new buildings (including the College chapel) and ahead of his time in the remodelling of old ones. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Sir Alexis Albert Kt, CMG (1906-96; in College 1926-28), radio pioneer and music publisher.

Russell Ashton CB (1925-2003; in College 1943-46, Senior Student, 1945-46), photographer, especially as Commissioner of the Tasmanian Hydro Electric Commission; collection of 812 pictures National Library of Australia.

Russell Braddon (1921-95; in College 1946-48), writer and broadcaster, author of The Naked Island, an account of his time as prisoner of war in Changi, which sold more than a million copies. [Wikipedia]

Aslam Azhar, Tamgha-i-Pakistan (b. 1932; in College 1948), founder of Pakistani Television (PTV) and of Dastak, a politically progressive theatre group in Karachi committed to energising working people against “feudal” Pakistan. [Wikipedia, etc]

Michael Blakemore AO, OBE (b 1928; in College 1948), actor, writer and theatre director.

Tom Heath (1931-88; in College 1949-53), Research Professor of Design, Queensland University of Technology, author of several books, editor of Architecture Australia 1980-90, and an influential architectural theorist. [Encyclopedia of Australain Architecture]

Terence Clarke AM (b 1935; in College 1952-55), composer, theatre director and an teacher, mainly with the National Institute of Dramatic Art. [Wikipedia]

Robert Albert AO (b 1934; in College 1953-56), music publisher.

Colin Laverty (1937-2013; in College 1955), with his wife Elizabeth a major collector , publicist and fundraiser for Australian art, especially Aboriginal art, and a published authority on colonial sporting art; also a pioneer in research in cervical cancer. [Wikipedia]

James Halliday AM (b. 1938; in College 1956-61), “Australia’s leading wine writer”. [Wikipedia]

Michael Rubbo (b. 1938; in College 1959-61), documentary filmmaker; pioneered (in Canada) personal, subjective documentaries, including more reently for the ABC; also wrote and directed children’s films. [Wikipedia;]

John Gaden AO (b 1941; in College 1959-61), actor, and Artistic Director of Sydney Theatre Company.

Martin Sharp (b 1942; in College 1961), artist, underground cartoonist, songwriter and film-maker. Described as Australia’s leading pop artist. [ Wikipedia]

Peter Cousens AM (b 1955; in College 1975), composer, actor and singer. He has acted mainly with the Sydney Theatre Company and the Queensland Theatre Company, but is best known for musical theatre. [Wikipedia;]

Tony Jones (b 1956; in College 1975-77), journalist and television presenter with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and four times winner of Australia’s leading journalism award, the Walkleys. [Wikipedia]

Damian Furlong (b ; in College 1976-78), a founder and chairman of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras, one of the largest festivals of its kind in the world.

Sir Jonathan Mills Kt, AO, FRSE (b 1962; in College 1981- ), Director of the Edinburgh Festival.

Tim Freedman (b 1964; in College 1983-84), lead singer and keyboardist of The Whitlams. He received an ARIA Music Award for “Song of the Year” 1998. [Wikipedia]

Morgan O’Neill (b 1973; in College 1992-95, Senior Student 1994), television and film actor, singer, writer, director, producer. He acts in Sea Patrol, and his directed two films, Solo and The Factory. [Wikipedia]

Adam Spencer (b 1969; in College 1992-95), radio and television host, best known for his presentation of the TV science show, Quantum. At University he was one of the world’s top-ranked debaters. [Wikipedia}

Sebastian Smee (b 1972; in College 1990-92). Art critic, awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism 2011, for his work with the Botson Globe, for “vivid and exuberant writing about art, often bringing great works to life with love and appreciation”.

Chris Taylor (b 1973; in College 1992-93), comedian, best known for his work on the ABC television shows CNNNN and The Chaser’s War on Everything. [Wikipedia]

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